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Find Out All About What’s Happening With Metal Prices With This API

Want to know all the information regarding metal prices? Then go ahead and integrate this API into your system. 

Today it is possible for companies to receive data in instants. APIs provide this possibility because it connects programs with different databases. In consequence, when a company integrates an application programming interface, they are allowing its organization to continuously get information.

Of course, when we talk about data we could mean different things. Hence, you can find a variety of APIs that provide data of different kinds. If a company is seeking to get metals information, then, without a doubt, it is seeking a metals API. This tool has the possibility of supplying metals price data, fluctuations, patterns, and more. 

Metals are a topic that is fast-changing. The market is always going through changes when it comes to its prices and tendencies. This is because they are influenced by the worldwide factors that affect the world. Let’ ‘s see some. 

Find Out All About What's Happening With Metal Prices With This API

Metals in 2022

Industrial raw materials, in recent months, fell by 33% compared to March, when they reached record values as a result of the start of the war in Ukraine. The main ones affected are steel and aluminum, although the value of wood has also fallen by more than half in four months. Also, copper and lead are down more than 20% in recent months. These falls influence the activity of different industries, including the steel industry.

The explanation for its current drop can rely on the United States, which has raised interest rates by 75 basis points to curb inflation.

Unlike what happens with energy commodities, which continue at high levels and with gas leading the way; industrial commodities have been losing value for months, which may be the result of a drop in demand. In this context, experts fear that the fall in the price of materials such as iron, steel, or copper could be a symptom of a new global crisis.

Hence, there have been frozen supply chains and, as a consequence, an increase in costs. These have been the two problems that the steel industry has had to face with the beginning of the war in Ukraine. In March, the price of aluminum soared to almost $4,000 a ton, double what it was before the pandemic.

As you can see, what is happening with metals prices is something that is crucial for companies that have to buy or sell it. It is clear how industries and businesses have been affected this year due to what is happening in the world. Hence, if you want to always find out what’s going on with metal prices, go ahead and integrate the Metals-API. 


One of the best connections a metal industry or similar can undertake is the Metals-API. The application programming interface offers alerts on tendencies, anomalies, and more along with actual metals prices.

This fantastic methodology ensures that firms are prepared to recognize when it is ideal to acquire and trade. Additionally, it is excellent to conduct a metals market study and assess how they are performing across the world

All the wonderful benefits of the Metals-API can be found by visiting It has excellent security, abundant documentation, a growing string of practical endpoints, and more.

Find Out All About What's Happening With Metal Prices With This API

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