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Five tips to start a startup you need to know

Developing an enterprise is an increasingly common bet. This panorama, clearly, is reflected in the wide variety of startups that operate successfully.

However, according to the GEM, there is also a fear of failure of 30.2%, due to various factors, such as organizational capacity, time, financing, among others. In this context, Jimmy Aguirre, entrepreneurship coordinator at Certus, shares five tips to start a startup.

Identify the problem

Without all ideas can be welcome at the time of starting a business of their own, what the specialist recommends is to identify, in the first instance, a problem. With this in mind, generating an idea will be much simpler, since it will only focus on meeting the previously established need.

Also, the ideal is to evaluate experiences of other companies or businesses that go for the same item that will be addressed. In this way, you can give an added value to the business idea. If you do not have experience in the area that involves the product or service, it is recommended to advise on this.

Find the best financing

This step can be one of the most difficult when developing a venture because, for example, lenders could be unwilling to support a new business idea, however ambitious it may be. However, as a consequence of

ecosystem that exists for startups, the ideal is to opt for other mechanisms, such as seed capital, angel investors or, one of the newest, crowfunding. In addition to the platforms that support this kind of projects (incubators), the Peruvian government finances ventures through Start Up Peru.

Take advantage of technological tools

According to Jimmy Aguirre, entrepreneurship coordinator at Certus, social networks represent an ideal space for a new business to achieve greater visibility. Instagram, on time, is highly recommended, as its number of users is increasing. On the other hand, platforms such as, Prestashop or Magento, can help boost the sales of a new business, since these allow you to create virtual stores for free.

Work on the user experience

Although the main objective of a business is usually to sell a product or offer a service, what really matters is to generate trust in the public. For this, one must work in an omnichannel marketing strategy, where the client needs to be the center. The advisable thing is that, in parallel to the presence in social networks, a content marketing is developed that connects emotionally with the user. From the simple fact of personalizing the web of the business or working the details of the product. This kind of actions will help the brand to differentiate itself in relation to the customer experience.

Be alert to trends

One of the best ways to develop an idea is to pay attention to other businesses that are in the market and work. In fact, if you opt for a venture, the ideal is that the project is linked to the fintech, e-commerce or social networks. Other interesting areas with great potential are the gastronomic and the pet.

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