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Geolocation: Geolocate the Location of an IP Address With An API

Are you attempting to break into the IP geolocation API world? Check out these helpful hints!

IP Geolocation API

The IP Geolocation API delivers information about an IP address’s location, such as nation, region, city, and ZIP code. IP2Location Geolocation API and IP2Proxy Geolocation API are the two forms of IP Geolocation API we offer.

The method of estimating or recognizing the real-world location of devices and their users anywhere on the earth is known as ‘geolocation.’ A mobile phone, computer, or radar source are examples of these gadgets. Although the technology has been present for some time, it wasn’t until the rise of smartphones and apps like Google Maps that we learned exactly how valuable this data can be.

What Is An IP Geolocation Database?

An IP geolocation database is a large collection of IP geolocation data. It’s frequently created by third-party vendors who collect anonymised IP data from a number of ISPs through legal agreements and other means. Hundreds of thousands of records can be added, modified, and downloaded in a number of formats.

Geolocation: Geolocate the Location of an IP Address With An API

Challenges And Tips To Geolocate An IP Address

The advantages of IP geolocation may be hampered by some limitations. Obtaining correct IP geolocation data in particular can be difficult, as there isn’t always a mechanism to double-check whether IP addresses are “confirmed” in terms of location.

For example, invalid registry data is an issue that might lead to discrepancies and erroneous information. Furthermore, some people use VPNs and proxies to mask their true IP addresses in order to gain access to information intended for a different country or for nefarious motives.

On the other hand different APIs have varying data accuracy since diverse data sources are used to collect IP to geolocation data. RIR data is used exclusively by some (Regional Internet Registries). To improve accuracy, other APIs use data from ISPs and browser geolocation in addition to RIR data. The majority of APIs will supply you with 95 percent accurate country data.

There are, however, APIs you can rely on to get the most accurate location data, whether for a country, city, or region. ipXapi is one such API that uses rock-solid data sources like major ISPs to give exact data such as nation, city, region, latitude, longitude, and more.

Geolocation: Geolocate the Location of an IP Address With An API

To use it, you have to:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Enter the IP address where you want data to come from.
  3. Send it out to see how many people respond.
  4. Save the API to your computer and use it as needed.

Because the ipXapi database and API are linked to a number of large ISPs who supply information on new and existing IP ranges on a regular basis, they provide exceptionally accurate IP data. The API’s database is updated on a daily basis, with up to 24 database changes, because ipXapi is connected to various channels that offer real-time IP data. Furthermore, data coverage is expanding daily, with ipXapi presently covering over 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities worldwide.

Make Use Of The Currency Module

IpXapi also has a currency module, which is really useful. You can receive precise currency information right away with this function. The currency code, name, and symbol used in the IP address location returned are all included in this. You may then utilize this information to provide your consumers a more personalized shopping experience by presenting pricing in their native currency. As a consequence, customers will have a better experience and revenue will increase.

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