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German real estate startup scene is getting bigger

Startups from the real estate industry are enjoying growing popularity in Germany. In a global comparison, they are still meaningless.

Startups developing technological solutions for the real estate industry are in the process of establishing themselves in Germany. In technical jargon they are called Proptechs – a neologism that consists of the terms “Property” and “Technology”.

Last year, such Proptechs could collect a total of 217 million euros in financing rounds, writes the “Handelsblatt”, citing an analysis of the investment company Blackprintpartners. This represents an increase of about a quarter compared to the year 2017. Tado, a specialist in heating and air conditioning, was able to collect the biggest chunk with $ 50 million.

International Proptechs much sought after

In international comparison, the German Proptech scene is still in its infancy. This is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that the Japanese Softbank Group alone invested around $ 200 million in the provider of logistics and warehousing services Clutter – and thus about as much money as all German Proptechs could collect together in 2018. According to the British analysis firm Unissu, in 2018 Proptechs could even receive funding of around 15 billion dollars worldwide.

Alexander Ubach-Utermöhl explains that the financing rounds in Germany are so comparatively small so far, inter alia, with the fragmented Proptech landscape in Germany: “The next step is a consolidation. If that happens, the hurdle becomes smaller, larger amounts to invest, “said the co-founder of Blackprintpartners.

Wide range of proptechs

The range of fields of activity and solutions is very willing. For example, Proptechs can help digitally to find brokers, tenants and managers, or to assist in selling or leasing.

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The financing of real estate is also an important segment. An important role is played by crowdfunding. Here, companies use special internet platforms to raise money from a larger group of people – the crowd.

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