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Meet two of the most important fintechs in the 2019 panorama

The 2019 edition of the Fintech LendIt that is taking place in the city of San Francisco, took place for many Fintech booth yesterday. For this opportunity we will show you two that caught our attention, they are: DebTrader and Zestfinance.


Founded in 2009, it is a fintech that strives to make fair and transparent credit available to all, working with the world’s most innovative banks and lenders to reinvent the way they lend credit to millions of consumers and businesses.

They have implemented artificial intelligence tools to make that happen. They are characterized by the commitment of their employees, who challenge each other to be great today and even better tomorrow and as a company, they want to make a big difference.

Among the solutions, they use ZAML which is nothing more than Zest automated learning that will transform your subscription through the power of machine learning. ZAML being the only credit modeling solution and the risk of machine learning with end-to-end explainability. It is fast, powerful and compatible.


Founded in 2011, they are considered pioneers and innovators in the accounts receivable management industry. Its online debt market allows creditors and issuers to settle their defaulted and canceled accounts at the same time as managing the entire process, including post-sale, through a single turnkey solution.

DebTrader is driving an important technological change that strengthens competitive and compliance partnerships between sellers, buyers and collection agencies.

This technology simplifies the sales process by minimizing the time it takes to obtain bids, complete due diligence, secure funds and manage post-sale requests from certified companies that meet the requirements.

In addition, it complies with the Organization and Organization Control II (SOC2) standards for Security, Availability and Confidentiality, as well as providing industry-leading compliance by examining and auditing its network of buyers and agencies to credit only the most industry compliant.

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