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Get A Good Review About Price Of Precious Metals Today With This Simple API

Do you require access to previous metals market data? Do you know that an API allows you to obtain both recent and past rates? To learn how to obtain one, read this post!

Economic analysts from around the world analyzed the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on post-pandemic food, metals, and energy prices and agreed that they will remain high in the coming months.

What happened with gas in Europe is fundamental, because it is a very desirable product due to its low level of contamination. In this case, the price rose due to low inventories. The World Bank forecasts that the increase in energy prices will exceed 50% -the highest since the 1973 oil crisis-, while agricultural products and metals are expected to rise by 20%.

Copper is a thermometer of global activity because it is associated with the growth of economies, with China as a major player. With Covid, demand fell, and then with the recovery, it reached the current price (around u$s10,000 per ton), although a faster economic recovery was expected, which affected the global outlook. Particularly due to China’s growth outlook, it was difficult for China due to the resurgence of contagions.

Experts consider rising inflation to be one of the biggest market risks this year because runaway inflation could eat away at asset values, limit purchasing power and wipe out corporate margins.

In the face of this convulsive situation, business related to the metals market demands great precision and involves minute-to-minute monitoring of the market and its fluctuations in order to achieve profit-generating deals.

Use An API

As we know the metals market is fluctuating and is affected by a lot of variables. Although we may not notice it at first glance, metals are the cornerstone for developing a wide variety of technology and infrastructure. Because of this, we can say that it is of global importance. 

In addition, its extraction and trading are the basis for the world’s great exchange market. As in the old days gold determined the value of the world’s currencies, today there is also a relationship between the metals market and the rest of the markets. Therefore, a wide variety of businesses need to know the situation of the metals market. This is very simple to do with Metals-API.

Why Metals-API?

Programmers around the world choose to work with Metals-API to develop platforms for large and small companies. This tool is simple to use and is compatible with almost all programming languages. With Metals-API you can integrate historical or real-time information from financial markets around the world such as World Band and LBMA. In addition, this API has several options to customize your search. For example, you can consult the daily exchange rate, or compare two specific dates, as well as choose in which type of currency you want the values to be displayed. Don’t wait to try this complete tool!

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