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Get Commodity Metals Prices in CHF with an API

If you want to get commodity metal prices in Swiss Franc with an API, you’re in the right place.

Get Commodity Metals Prices in CHF with an API


Metals are elements that, in their purest form, are lustrous, malleable, good conductors of electricity and heat.

The Metals Collection includes jewelry made from precious metals such as gold and silver and non-precious metals or alloys. All precious metals are at least 75% pure in our jewelry. Non-precious metals and alloys have other metals combined with them to make the final composition. The percentages of the final composition can vary greatly depending on the hardness and malleability required. Metals are usually opaque, lustrous materials that are good conductors of heat and electricity. Metals generally feature high melting points, atomic weights, and densities. The majority of metals generally react with oxygen and water. Metals are often hard, shiny, malleable materials, conductors of electricity and heat, and contain particular properties. There are three types of metals: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals (not containing iron), and alloys.

As a result, if you wish to invest in this commodity, you’ll need to keep up with its current pricing. To collect this data, you’ll need to use an application programming interface (API), which will allow you to get real-time data from one of the major metals suppliers.

What is an API?

A software interface that connects two computers that need to communicate in order to complete a task is known as an application programming interface (API). This API can also be used to send and receive real-time inquiries.

Finding a website, application, or software that provides this type of data in real-time, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly difficult. If you don’t know where else to search, start with Metals-API, the most comprehensive source of LBMA Platinum real-time pricing.

Why Metals-API?

The Metals-API is capable of providing real-time precious metals rate data, thanks to its 10+ exchange rate data sources. There are several endpoints in the API, each of which has a different function. Get the most recent exchange rate data for any or a particular group of currencies, translate sums from one currency to another, retrieve Time-Series data for one or more currencies, and ask the API for regular fluctuation data are all endpoint functionalities.

Get Commodity Metals Prices in CHF with an API

Main Advantages

  • Use a trusted Lead pricing API used by hundreds of industry companies to gain access to institutional-quality real-time precious metal prices via an easy-to-use API.
  • Real-time gold and other metals prices are simple to incorporate into spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other business applications.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes for apps that rely on precious metal prices to reach the market.
  • By utilizing cloud APIs, you may be able to avoid the pains and complexities of legacy feeds


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