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Get Flight Data Of Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Air Route Using An API

Are you planning your next trip to Malaysia for your annual holidays? Do you want to know more about the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Air Route? This is now possible with the help of an API! Continue reading to know your flight position and other relevant data. 

Travel by plane is always a good alternative to get faster to a place and with no burdensome technical issues. When you come to an airport you will see a lot of information. For example, what is your gate, the number of your flight, the destination point, and so on. This could be a little overwhelming, especially when you fly for the first time. 

But what would you think if we tell you that your flight company has everything covered? Because there is a tool where they can track all your data in real-time. If you are an enterprise and show your customers this info they will trust you even more! There is an API that could give you a hand, or better said ‘wing’, in these cases.

Get Flight Data Of Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Air Route Using An API

For beginners, we can say an API is an interface that connects different programming applications. This software builds a bridge between code and allows one to communicate and work with another. Applications like this have expanded program connectivity and offer diverse online solutions from every industry and in all the languages. Furthermore, through integration, they are showing the path for new business and driving progress.

One of the best APIs we can find online and free is Flight Labs. Using it you can search for airports, airlanes, airplanes, aircraft types, cities, countries, and even aviation taxes! How does it work? It’s very simple: first, you have to create an account but don’t worry, it’s free. Then you will have two options: select an endpoint or insert IATA or ICAO codes, combinations that represent airports or airlines. The next step will be using the the aviation data API key -it will be on your account dashboard- and pressing the run button.

Also, it has a lot of cool and useful features that we review in the forthcoming sentences. It has accurate tracking that allows you to check how well is your flight timing. You can search for airline routes or schedules, just need a few data like flight numbers or arrival/departure airports. Besides, Flight Labs has worldwide coverage so you can check any plane you like from the central or from its inside!  

Get Flight Data Of Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Air Route Using An API

Another things to consider: you can consult previous data because it saves them from the day you sign up. It’s very useful for statistics and a good opportunity to show your rates on a marketing campaign. You could change the programming language if you like other than JSON and it has the best security standards. It’s available on PHP, Python, Node.js, jQuery, Go, and Ruby.

If you are looking for a strategic tool to get data and improve your flight company’s goals Flight Labs is the best option! Simple, reliable, low-cost, and REST API to fit all your needs. 

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