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Get Flight Status Of Nepal Airlines With An API

In this article, we show you how to use an API to get detailed information about the flight status of Nepal airlines in real-time.

Nepal Airlines Corporation, formerly Royal Nepal Airlines, is the country’s national airline. It is the country’s oldest airline, having been founded in 1958. The airline operates domestic and medium-haul routes across Asia from its main base at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

Get Flight Status Of Nepal Airlines With An API

To improve your service, it is essential to have global flight data of most airlines and airports. Nowadays, passengers want to know the status of their flight, if the flight is delayed or scheduled. For that, the best technology is an application programming interface (API) because it is simple to access information in real-time and incorporated into your system, a flight API allows you to construct your own platform or application of flights.

How Does An API Work?

APIs are a set of rules that govern how computers, apps, and other devices communicate with one another. The API functions as a go-between for any two machines that need to communicate to perform a task.

FlightLabs is a software to use if you’re looking for a flight API. It’s one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly APIs for flight data, and we recommend trying out all the features.

Follow these methods to get Nepal Airlines flight status:

  1. Create an account at Then select the airline’s endpoint and type the name of the airline.
  2. Then you’ll notice a one-of-a-kind API key on your dashboard.
  3. Click the “run” button to finish the procedure. Soon, the API will be available.

This is how the API call will look: Airlines

As a result, the final outcome will be as follows:

                         "data": [
                                      "airline_name": "American Airlines",
                                      "iata_code": "AA",
                                      "iata_prefix_accounting": "1",
                                      "icao_code": "AAL",
                                      "callsign": "AMERICAN",
                                      "type": "scheduled",
                                      "status": "active",
                                      "fleet_size": "963",
                                      "fleet_average_age": "10.9",
                                      "date_founded": "1934",
                                      "hub_code": "DFW",
                                      "country_name": "United States",
                                      "country_iso2": "US"

More About FlightLabs

FlightLabs is the most comprehensive API in the business since it provides specific information on airlines and airports, including speed, altitude, and coordinates. You can test out the free plan, which includes API access, flight data, and a variety of features that you can use right away.

Get Flight Status Of Nepal Airlines With An API

FlightLabs is developed on a scalable cloud architecture that can handle tens of thousands to millions of requests per minute. You can use this API to get flight status, departures, daily flights, arrivals, aviation taxes, historical flights, and more. Among the programming languages supported by the API are JSON, Python, and PHP.

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