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Get Lithium Historical Rates With An API

Are you about to invest in metals? Would you like to invest in lithium through a currency exchange platform?

Lithium might be the solution to the world’s oil crisis, as well as other worldwide catastrophes. The reign of oil is coming to an end due to climate change and the depletion of a non-renewable resource.

Although the end of the oil age does not appear imminent, the oil crisis that began in 2013 was the final straw for the certainty of a world ruled by oil, prompting the hunt for other energy sources that do not have the flaws of the formerly unbeatable black gold. One of the candidates for the crown has been on its way to the throne for more than two decades: lithium.

Get Lithium Historical Rates With An API

Lithium is a silver-white metal in its pure form, which is not found in nature due to its strong reactivity, which allows it to rapidly react with water, oxygen, and other molecules in the air to generate various compounds. Lithium is mined from two types of deposits: vein deposits and natural brines. Lithium is recovered from brine reserves in salt lakes using an evaporation technique.

Brine harvesting is more widespread and is generally seen to be a more convenient approach than mining, however the ore recovered this way is of inferior quality. Lithium mining in deposits necessitates geological investigations and rock drilling, which can raise expenses, but the lithium recovered this way is thought to be of superior quality.

According to, the international market value of a ton of mineral has risen steadily between 2012, when it was 4,220 dollars per ton, until 2016, when it hit its highest historical price of 7,475 dollars per ton. Because of this, many investors have set their sights on this mineral and have started investing in it. To do so, they use platforms that monitor movements in the stock market. One of them is Metals-API.

About Metals-API

The Metals-API platform is a public website that provides rates for a variety of currencies and precious metal goods. They have a search range of less than a minute and a precision of up to two decimal places.

Get Lithium Historical Rates With An API

How To Operate

Metals-API is unique in that it is quite simple to use. Certain requirements must be followed in order to do so:

  • You may generate your own API key at
  • You should seek for the currency and metal symbols you want to examine.
  • Use these symbols to add metal and currency to the list before ending the API call. You can pick both the programming language and the pricing range.
  • Then you simply press the “run” button. The program will display the rates in lithium.

Safety Platform

Metals-API uses 256-bit SSL encryption to safeguard the connection from one side of the internet to the other. This form of secure connection is commonly seen in financial institutions. Data communication between a web browser and a website (or between two web servers) can be encrypted using this technology, which protects the connection.

Access To Previous Reports

Metals-API gives the possibility of using reports from the year 2019. This must be done between the hours of 5 a.m. and 12 a.m. The data must be entered using the EOD.

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