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Get LME Tin Rates Using An API

Do you want to get LME exchanges? Did you know all the uses of tin? Read this article to learn how to use an API!

Tin is a malleable, silvery metal that is corrosion resistant and does not rust readily. As a result, it’s employed in a variety of alloys and to coat other metals. It’s made from the mineral cassiterite, which comes in the form of an oxide (tin oxide or tin dioxide).

Pewter and solder are two common contemporary alloys that contain a considerable amount of tin. Tableware, platters, ornamental decorations, and other household objects are made of pewter. Solder is a liquid that is used to form a permanent link between metal parts, such as wires on a circuit board.

Get LME Tin Rates Using An API

The London Metal Market (LME) is a futures and options exchange that trades in metals. It is the world’s largest exchange for base metals options and futures contracts. The exchange also allows traders to trade precious metals such as gold and silver.

Aluminium, copper, tin, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminium alloys, and premiums are all available for trading and delivery on the LME. The worldwide reference price is based on nonferrous prices identified on our platforms.

To obtain tin rates at the prices given by the London Metal Exchange, you can use several websites dedicated to obtaining currency exchanges through an API. We particularly recommend Metals-API.

What Is An API?

APIs are a set of guidelines that regulate how computers, apps, and gadgets interact with one another. The API acts as a middleman between any two computers that need to communicate in order to complete a task.

An API works as a conduit between you and the service provider, allowing you to send and receive requests. APIs have become an important part of the Internet. Even if it’s only personal software, you’ll almost definitely need one to run it or access some of its features.

These days, finding software, an app, or a website that gives data in real time is challenging. As a consequence, using Metals-API to retrieve LME Lead real-time price is the most comprehensive way.

What Is Metals-API?

Every minute, Metals-API receives data from roughly 15 reliable data sources. Among them are banks and financial data providers. As a result, your price will be quite accurate. This site is the most complete tool available for investors, traders, and anybody else interested in buying, selling, or trading metals, since it allows you to quickly and simply discover current global market prices for any metal (including lead and gold).

Get LME Tin Rates Using An API

How Is It Used?

The Metals-API platform features a user-friendly interface. All you have to do now is follow the instructions.

  • To obtain your API key, go to
  • In the website’s list, look for the lead symbol and currency sign you want to use.
  • Using these symbols, add metal and money to the list, then make the API call.
  • You have the choice of utilizing JSON or PHP as a programming language.

Where Do You Get The Data From?

Metals-API data is provided by a variety of financial institutions, including the Central Bank, ensuring that the information received by the site and distributed to clients is 100% accurate.

Visit their website for additional details.

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