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Get LME-XCU rates with alternatives to Xignite for free

Do you need to acquire copper rates with some alternatives to Xignite? We can suggest you some options!

The market of the London Metal Exchange deals exclusively with non-ferrous metals such as copper. They offer contracts to investors, producers, consumers and manufacturers, including warranties for future price fluctuations. Besides, they make yearly contracts adding eight primary metals and a few plastics for their clients. Their excellent reputation is international.

In this context, with a war going on, it’s impossible to think that copper’s price will remain stable. Due to its relevance in mining and the scarcity produced by the Russian occupation, mineral prices are volatile. This challenging situation requires extra effort from enterprises and people in the business. A well-planned market strategy can make them gain some time.

Subsequently, with the assistance of an API, you’ll get easily translated charts of fluctuation and current and historical rates available on their website. Generally, APIs have a more understandable language and process the information in a friendly way. In the next paragraph, we’ll describe three alternatives to stay updated.

Alternatives to Xignite: three reliable options


Get LME-XCU rates with alternatives to Xignite for free

Newer in the business than Xignite, they started six years ago. Their features include historical exchange rates in precious metals, world currencies and single currency exchange data to convert into another one.

In the beginning, if you want to start slowly, you can choose the free account with a limit of 50 API calls and a time-response of one hour at most. For a faster speed, the offer is multiple in the price per year, the number of API calls and the waiting time. The premium subscription only takes sixty seconds.


Get LME-XCU rates with alternatives to Xignite for free

This company has been in the business for more than thirty years. Their focus is on trade and giving data for several precious metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, rhodium and palladium. Also, they sell and store gold and other expensive metals, which is the main reason to have home delivery.

In their day-to-day data exchange, they can collect information on world currencies. They sell services in more than sixty countries worldwide.


Get LME-XCU rates with alternatives to Xignite for free

One of the last incorporation to this 44-years old company is the API, now including more than twenty currencies, which you can ask for information only through that communication system. They also access prices in carats, troy ounces and grams. But the most valuated currencies are available on Live Metal Spot; with this service, you can follow USD, EUR, CAD and AUD prices in real-time.

To start using this API, you need to pick a subscription too. There are free and paid options. It’s your decision, we suggest to choose what fits better with your current situation.

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