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Get Metals Rates In Real Time With This API That You Can Use With PHP (cURL)

Looking to integrate a real-time metals API with PHP (cURL)? You’re in the right spot! This API provides rates, prices, tendencies, and more. 

Let’s Read About Metals

Reports on iron have unleashed selling in the major metals. Investors fear a global recession from the war and lockdowns in China. The biggest decreases are for iron and nickel, which are around 4%, while copper is down 2.5%.

The reasons for these forecasts lie in the signs that the Covid-19 numbers are not yet easing in China, which is keeping a number of cities under strict lockdowns. Goldman Sachs predicts a surplus of 35 million tons of steel, due to lower demand in China.

At the same time, the price of copper also falls low. In this case, the slowdown in the Chinese market, the largest producer of these metals, is combined with rises in interest rates around the world to try to contain inflation, which is increasing fears of a recession.

All of these changes have made it necessary for companies that rely on the trading of metals to use programs that will keep them aware of the fluctuations. This is because information on metals rates is essential to knowing when is the right time to buy or sell. As a result, metal Sofware has become really popular. 


Therefore, if you’re developing one and one to stand out from the competition you should a real-time API. By the way, if your language of choice is PHP (cURL) you’re on the right track.  Let’s approach these two concepts.

What Is An API?

An API is a series of principles and standards used to construct and integrate application programs. It involves a software bridge that enables the communication between two applications. 

Every time we use a program like Facebook, send a message or check the time on a mobile device, we are using an API. But today, we’re concentrating on those who offer metals data. But this only emphasizes how variable they are.

Additionally, they are useful for enhancing or adding to an organization’s system’s functionalities. They provide automation and lower costs.


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is open source and is frequently used in web development. This language is utilized by 77.6% of all websites, including popular ones like Facebook and Wikipedia, according to Web Technology Surveys.

cURL is a library that enables sending HTTP requests to send data using URL syntax. It enables you to create a PHP script that practically behaves like a browser in order to send a request to a different distant server.

If you’re looking for a metals API to use with PHP (cURL) then go for Metals-API.


Metals-API, an application programming interface, features a cutting-edge and reliable design. This API provides accurate and real-time pricing from all over the world. It can cover costs from all different regions and countries because of its global presence.

Additionally, this metal pricing API offers uniformity, protection, and help. The price information comes from a trustworthy database that also incorporates market reports.

Metals-API supports most languages, and PHP (cURL) is no exception. Additionally, it has highly extensive API documentation that explains the metal pricing API to apps and businesses.


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