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Get XPD rates in the New York SE with a metals API

Do you want rates of metals from the New York SE? Here, we’ll describe an API that can match your needs!

Palladium (XPD) is demanded today in the oil industry to build catalysts. It’s part of the group of the densest metals known until now. It, like the rest of its family, is a very resistant metal. It participates in recycling operations due to its high value.

Due to its use in automobiles, the demand for this rare metal increased dramatically in 2018. This metal makes engines less pollutant. But in 2021, the rates of palladium fell drastically. The percentage of the fall reached 25. China is one of the main buyers of palladium; nevertheless, last year, due to the scarcity of cellphone chips, demand fell, and technological advancements permitted platinum to go towards other purposes. The complete opposite effect lived all raw materials in 2021, with a great demand worldwide.

Despite the pandemic situation seeming to be in control, at least for now, the price of precious and rare metals remains uncertain. The Russian invasion wasn’t on the horizon: because of shortage and unpredictability, prices are fluctuating from week to week. This plot twist makes it necessary to use an API to check stock exchanges worldwide.

Get XPD rates in the New York SE with a metals API

Get XPD rates in the New York SE with Metals-API

More than a dozen bank and financial sources are reachable using this API. With all these alternatives, it can provide trusted data on prices of precious metals and 170 currencies worldwide. Moreover, there are ready almost twenty years of historical data for your request.

Metals-API has a subscription service that offers a free account up to a premium plan. The last one has a thousand API calls to spend and only sixty seconds of returning time. You choose a plan for an entire year, being able to upgrade or downgrade it every month. It’s crucial to say that, without a subscription, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the API.

Finally, if you need a service for your enterprise, there’s an option with no limits on calls. You can obtain more information by starting a conversation on chat support here:

Get XPD rates in the New York SE with a metals API

Directions to get XPD rates in the New York SE with Metals-API

After the creation of an account and the subscription to a plan, you have an API key to send your query. That was the first step. Then, you need to see the list of codes on the web page and choose those necessary for your consult. Next, put your API key and the code in the URL to generate your request and wait for the answer.
Don’t waste any more time!

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