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Google Chrome becoming better than ever

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. At this point, nobody can question it. Even its great rival Microsoft’s Edge has ended up yielding to the force of Chrome and has chosen to abandon the rendering engine Edge.html to move to Chromium.

All the good that Chrome offers should not be used to hide one of its flaws. It is very gluttonous. With a tremendous hunger for resources, users complain and with good reason for the large amount of RAM and processor that absorbs when we use it. Something that apparently they already want to solve from Google.

Mountain View engineers could assert user complaints and find themselves working on a system that minimizes the hunger for resources that Google Chrome boasts. A new way focused on making it less gluttonous with our equipment.

This new mode responds to the name of “Never Slow Mode” and with it a limit would be established when consuming resources of the computer in which Google Chrome is installed. The mode has been discovered in Chrome Story and would be a feature that would limit the use of Chrome resources in various ways.

It would set limits for the consumption of resources on a page, including images, style sheets, scripts, fonts, and long script tasks. It would also assign budgets so that each assigned budget will be restored when the user considers it and executed it with the mouse. Finally, It remains to be seen how this improvement will take place on a day-to-day basis.

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