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Google will release an AdBlocker

Web pages that continue to show intrusive advertising have their days counted. In a few months Google Chrome will block ads from pages that do not meet the requirements of the Better Ads Standards initiative. The Google AdBlocker is just around the corner.

Google AdBlocker will improve the user experience

Since Google is part of the Coalition for Better Ads group, it does not stop implementing improvements in its services. This time, the changes will affect Google Chrome users. As of July 9, 2019, Google’s flagship browser will stop displaying all advertisements on pages that repeatedly disseminate advertising considered annoying to users.

Important information:

The AdBlocker will affect both the third-party ads and those of the company itself.

What ads will the Google AdBlocker hide?

The black list includes 12 types of ads that, according to users, worsen their experience. In it we find, among others, pop-ups, videos with sound in automatic playback mode or density of advertising content on a page over 30%. The new standards will affect the desktop and mobile version. The full description of the prohibited ads is available on the official Coalition for Better Ads website.

Are there ads on your page? Keep reading

Given the changes that are coming Google recommends that the owners of pages with advertising content review their status in the AdExperience Report service. The tool is now available in North America and Europe. AdExperience reports will store all the information related to intrusive ads, improvement proposals and deadlines for introducing changes. This last fact is of the utmost importance. Indeed,

Google Chrome will hide all ads on web pages that do not eliminate invasive advertising within 30 days of the first notice.

The changes propelled by the US company have a laudable goal. Improve the virtual ecosystem by making it more transparent and comfortable for the user. Will it succeed without damaging the interests of the advertisers?

Do these changes seem necessary? Do you think that thanks to them Google Chrome will be even more popular?

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