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How An API Can Reduce The Time Of Your IP Lookup Process

One of the keys for optimal operation of a small, medium or large network is good administration, or rather, good management of it. With the right tools, we can be in control of what happens to our network in a timely manner. On this occasion, we are talking about IP monitoring tools. Keep in mind that the use of tools like these prevents frequent problems such as IP address conflict. Keep reading How An API Can Reduce The Time Of Your IP Lookup Process, we will tell you about IpXapi; a tool that will allow you to get all the information you need.

How An API Can Reduce The Time Of Your IP Lookup Process

IP address definition

The internet protocol address, that is, the IP address or simply IP, is based on the Internet protocol, which is also the basis of the operation of the Internet. This is the unique address of a device (for example, a computer, a web server, or a printer) on an internal or external network. As in the case of broadcasting or multicasting, an IP address can also relate to a group of devices. Similarly, a single computer can be assigned multiple IP addresses. What is certain is that each IP address on a network can only be assigned once at a time.

What is an IP tracking tool?

An IP tracker (or IP monitoring tool) allows you to detect all devices that have configured IP addresses. These kinds of tools are crucial because they allow you to compare how the devices are configured to the documentation on the network you are managing.The direct advantage is that it will allow you to have more consistent data regarding the IP configuration of the devices and the documentation that supports them. Likewise, technical or audit problems, in general, are preventable.

There are some IP Trackers that also allow errors detected in IP address management systems to be corrected. Many of these monitoring solutions offer a lot of configuration options. Activities for error identification and rectification can be carried out often with the help of this feature. The latter makes it easier to maintain control over unauthorized changes to your devices’ setup.

The ally of networks and subnets is an IP tracker. All of the IP addresses that are available in a given environment can be seen by network managers, together with details on the status of the devices. Addressing conflicts, such as when many devices share the same IP address or when there are devices that are not known to the network environment, are a common issue that can be avoided. It is obvious that the network administration activity involves many processes and many responsibilities. Therefore, thanks to facilities such as panels that show the status of the devices; it is possible to facilitate the activity itself. So, it is possible to achieve greater productivity on a day-to-day basis.


IpXapi is a inexpensive website monitoring application that also serves as a sophisticated geolocation and IP address identification tool. Because of its database and API, this service provides a high level of accuracy in IP statistics. It is linked to a number of well-known ISPs, who provide regular updates on new and current IP ranges. Because ipXapi is linked to several channels that provide real-time IP data; the API’s database updates daily, with up to 24 database modifications per day.

How An API Can Reduce The Time Of Your IP Lookup Process

The software supports both IPv4 and IPv6, and it gives IP data such as ping response time and location, device type and connection speed, hostname resolution, DNS control, IP network access details, SSL certificate information, WHOIS name server search, and many more features.

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