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How to advertise your startup on Google Ads Step by Step Guide 2019

When you start a business on the Internet, the most difficult thing is to get positioned in the first places, get a remarkable visibility and attract customers. Since, with the development of technology that is always in constant increase, there is much competition whatever the sector you work. However, Google has placed at the disposal of small, medium and large companies, a paid advertising service that is commonly known as Google AdWords or currently Google Ads.

In this sense, said advertising service allows all businesses and brands to advertise in the Google search engine and also in their advertising networks. Which brings incredible benefits because it is one of the search engines with the most users worldwide. Indeed, it is necessary to highlight that when using Google Ads, Google itself will take care of transforming itself into a benchmark in your sector, by granting the indicated answers to your potential clients and that, in this way, your company will solve your requirements.

It also allows you to attract thousands of customers and geographically segment the distribution of your ad (globally, by country, region or city) and also gives you the best tools to measure each step of the campaign. For this and much more, businesses want to place advertising on Google and thus, make themselves known in the best way but if you are one of them and still do not know how to achieve it, here are the steps to make to contract advertising on Google. Highlighting additionally, other aspects of relevance that you should know about it.

Steps to hire advertising on Google and appear on the first page of results

First of all, it is appropriate to limit the use of Google’s advertising assistance, not just to pay the search engine for it and that’s it. On the contrary, you must follow a series of steps, in order to ensure that the advertising campaign fits perfectly to your wishes or requirements.

Therefore, we indicate the step by step to execute once you decide to use the advertising offered by the famous search engine:

Create an account in Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

Once you decide to use the advertising that Google provides, you must be very clear about the main objectives for which you are going to create this account. In several cases, people are not clear about the purpose of their advertising campaign and take as proof to create this account, which is a serious error. Since, if you do not know what you really want to achieve with your Ads campaign, you will hardly achieve a clear and advantageous objective.

In this regard, be well organized in this regard and if you have several purposes in mind, it is advisable that you list them in order of priority, so that you adjust the service around it and work to achieve these ends. What can be to give an outlet to a specific product, gain fame and so that users know more about the brands and their reasons for undertaking or do so to generate traffic, etc.

On the other hand, Google Ads uses some concepts that may be unknown to a large number of users. Among these, we point out the “MCC” and “ID Number”. In order that you can feel more familiar with the platform, we indicate the concepts of each:

MCC: This is an administrator account that the company provides to the professionals of Google Ads Agencies, to manage several accounts from the same location.
This is an administrator account that the company provides to the professionals of Google Ads Agencies, to manage several accounts from the same location. ID Number: The number that identifies each Google Ads account, that is, a unique number that distinguishes each campaign. Which is also used to link your Google account with other services on the web and therefore, is essential when you require support from Google itself.

Once recommended and clarified the above, we inform you of the steps to be taken to proceed to create your own Google Ads account:

To start, enter “” Where will open a window that has the title “Grow your company with Google Ads.”

” Where will open a window that has the title “”. If you have not logged in to Google or do not have an account, you will see two fields where your email address and the URL of your website specifically request it. In general, it is recommended to use an email that is a product of Google itself, that is, a Gmail email for it. Then, if you do not have one, it is necessary that before this you create a Gmail account to enter it here.

specifically. In general, it is recommended to use an email that is a product of Google itself, that is to say for it. Then, if you do not have one, it is necessary before this to introduce it here. At this point, two options will appear to accept or not, receiving notifications and personalized tips to improve the performance of your ads. To which, you must choose one of them and commonly, it is advisable to click on “No” to avoid future spams and not be in the need to delete many messages constantly.

Receive notifications and personalized tips to improve the performance of your ads. To which, you must choose one of them and commonly, in order to avoid future spams and not be in the need to erase many messages constantly. Afterwards, click on the “Continue” button to access the existing Google account or create a new one.

“For existing or else, create a new one. In case you have a Google account (like Gmail), just put your address and the password indicated and then click on “Access.”

Now, in case you do not have an account or if you have one but want to use a different account to enter the advertising service, click on the “Create an account” button located at the bottom of the window. There, they tell you all the instructions to follow to finally confirm your new Google account.

There, they tell you all the instructions to follow to finally,. * Once you have accessed your profile, go to the top right where there is a button that says “Start now” click on it.

“Click on it. You will have 4 options to choose from, select the one closest to your final goals: Receive more phone calls Receive more visits at the physical establishment Get more sales or subscriptions on the site Are you an expert user of Google Ads?

Define an initial budget

After specifying your Gmail account and your website, the platform will show you a new window where you have to configure “your first campaign”. To do this, let’s start by defining an initial budget that is one of the four options that this section contains.

In this way, we indicate that the budget is based on the investment you make daily in the campaign. As you can see, the first position is entitled “Establish your daily budget” and when you click on that choice, you will be asked to determine how much you want or you can invest half a day. Where they also tell you that I only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Well, to place what you want to invest, you just have to choose the currency in the drop-down menu (in this case we use the euro) and next, indicate the daily amount. You must bear in mind that the minimum investment is 0.02 euros; If later you want to increase this amount, you can modify it without any inconvenience (this should be adjusted as the campaign progresses).

Now, what can not be changed in any way is the currency that you once set. Finally, click on the “Save” button and with this, you have already established your initial budget.

Bid for the most relevant keywords for your business

While it is true, the keywords on any website are estimated as a completely essential aspect to attract customers and position themselves in the first places.

That is, it is one of the most used and beneficial strategies to become a business of great renown within your sector in the online world.

In the case of Google Ads, this service also focuses its advertising campaigns around several aspects that are important and among them, of course are the keywords. Therefore, they will ask you to indicate and write the words by which you want your ads to be displayed when a user places them in the search engine.

This allows you to specify up to 15 and 20 words, with which you must be very specific and, if possible, carry out a study to select the most appropriate ones that match the purpose of the advertising you are paying (in addition, they must be adjust to your budget and requirement). Once this is done, click on “Save”.

In this way, it is valuable that you take into account the keywords of negative agreement, for example “what is” or “what is it for”. Because they may be the reason why your ad does not show when people write them in the search engine and so, they only produce unnecessary clicks that only generate costs.

Next, you must set your bid that refers to the maximum amount you are willing to cancel for a click on your ad. There, you can see two options; in the first they indicate “AdWords automatically establishes your bids to get as many clicks as possible without exceeding the budget” but as you know, this service does not have the same vision as you regarding the objectives of your business.

On the contrary, you know what you want to achieve through your ads and you know perfectly the criterion that most favors your company around the billing. That is why, we advise you to choose the second option, where you can set your bids manually. Which is also specified in the currency indicated above (in this case the euro). When copying the quantity you want, just click on “Save”.

Measure and optimize your ad to get more visits or customers

Another possibility offered by this service from Google to its customers is to optimize each of its advertisements in order to generate more visits, attract potential customers and retain consumers. Well, this is the section “Text Ad” that contains several fields to adjust the ad.

Thus, we first see the “Landing page” option, which, of course, is the page link that shows all the content and where all the people who access the ad will go. Also, it is better known as “Landing page” and when copying it, you must be very careful to place the final URL valid.

In the lower part of the aforementioned option, we find some fields in which several details of the specific announcement must be included. In first position, you must indicate the title that accepts up to 25 characters, then enter the visible URL that is shown in the bottom of the title of the advertisement (it is green).

Now, it details a description of the same ad that is based on two lines with 35 characters. Finally, copy the ad text where generally, you must include a description and call to action or relevant words that highlight what your company does.

Once you have done all this, simply click on the “Save” button.

What types of advertising does Google offer us?

The advertisements offered by Google, allow you to reach customers of total quality that you could not attract in any way using SEO tactics and various tools. Therefore, it is a great solution to use this service that, even if it is paid, brings numerous benefits for your brand.

Given this, it is extremely essential to know and know in detail, the types of advertising that usually guarantees the service of the famous technology company and with which, you can be clearer what each of its modalities implies, that is You can execute from them and which one goes better with the goals that you have plated in your company.

Here are the types of advertising that are most used today:

Search network

This is the modality that is most used to show an advertisement of any company and the one that marked the beginning of Google Ads. Thus, it is responsible for displaying text advertisements on the search results page when any person enters and performs any type of search there.

In this way, the search network mode is based on selecting the words with which you want your business to be announced to the target audience and after that, you must pay each time a consumer clicks on that ad. This price is indicated when establishing a bid.

As for its advantages, one of them is that text publications are fully adapted to all devices, whether a computer, mobile phone or tablet and thereby, optimizes the way you view them, with respect to the form and its functionalities . In addition, it presents numerous benefits for those who want to position a product or service that responds to the needs of users and from this, achieve greater visibility.


Thanks to the unification of Google Ads with YouTube, you can enter a platform of great visual impact in the world and in the easiest way. Which means that this guy, publishes and includes your advertising in videos that are shown directly on the famous streaming social network.

In this sense, you can ensure numerous advantages, thanks to YouTube being one of the most used platforms today. Taking this into account, its great breadth of segmentation and the variety of formats.

If you decide to use this type of ad, you must pay each time a user views the ad during the correct time, that is, does not stop it. In most cases, it is used to produce visibility of new brands, products or services.


Another system of advertising of the technological company is remarketing, which can “persecute” users who visit your website and thus, display fully customized ads to each of them, depending on their preferences and on each occasion to navigate within the Google Display network.

This method is used to reinforce the image of the company and achieve re-impact to each of the users who have visited you at the time and so far, do not decide to buy your products or services.

Google Ads remarketing is used mostly to display products that have already been visited on your website and finally, convince consumers to buy them through messages and advice that are insistent. But, it is important to do it with great subtlety, otherwise the buyer will tire of an insistence in excess.


This is an alternative to advertise in inboxes for multiple Gmail accounts. Therefore, the advertisements are displayed in a message received in the e-mail promotion tray.

The main objective is to achieve impact to specific users and thus, attract their attention with just having your Gmail address. For what is considered one of the simplest options.

Once you decide to use this mode, you only have to pay to advertise when each user clicks on the subject of the message to proceed to open it and at that point, there will also be a banner prepared for you and that you can link to your website, from so that redirects the consumer directly to your website.

Among its advantages, it is distinguished that it has DoubleClick to carry out advanced advertising desired by large accounts.


Basically, this mode is responsible for displaying much more complete ads based on specific products and displayed on the same Google browser results page. What can be translated is that it allows adding images, more detailed characteristics of the article or service, its price, among others.

This, manages to attract users more quickly and easily, since they check your offer in the same place, without having to access another website at first.

The most common is to make use of this type of ads when you aim to visually monopolize part of the results page, given that the ads are completely striking (especially for the images). It also simplifies the purchase decision phase of most people and guarantees many more sales.

Display Network

It is estimated as the option with greater variety, because Google places at your disposal its full catalog of websites and platforms, including mobile applications that are attached to Google platforms. With which, you can display your business through various types of ads, whether text, videos or banners. It also allows you to select with ease, where to appear based on various criteria, whether by location, themes, context, among others.

If you want to use this mode, you can choose between paying for each click obtained or paying for each thousand impressions of your advertising. What is used to achieve brand visibility, thanks to the great coverage of the Google Display network and also allows you to put your imagination back with the multiple formats you have on hand.

How much does it cost to buy and publish an ad or advertising campaign on Google?

Previously, it used to be paid for every 1000 impressions but thanks to the payment method that Google Ads has implemented and which is known as “CPC” or “Cost Per Click”, this is much simpler and more beneficial. In principle, because you only have to pay each time they enter your ad.

In effect, it is essential to understand the functioning of the CPC system and we affirm that it is focused on the key words that you once included in your campaign, after creating the account.

In this way, when each user types one of those words in the Google search engine and your ad is shown, many will choose to click on it and likewise, you only cancel a fee based on those that you bid for that word (also specified in the steps to follow when you create and adjust your Ads account).

For example, if your keyword is “black bag” and you have established a bid of 1.50 euros and the second one is of 1.30 euros; You will have to pay around 1.32 euros when you click on your ad. Which means you have to cancel an estimated 82% of your bid.

On the other hand, Google AdWords has two ways to hire advertising on it. One of them refers to the AdWords companies without maintenance cost where usually, only one, two or three products or services are hired and once delivered, the same is concluded.

The other form is based on those that have maintenance costs included and this ensures the creation and management of full campaigns during a specific time that are mostly three months extendable.

In this way, we indicate below the plans that constitute each of these ways to hire advertising suitable for your campaigns:

Google advertising rates without maintenance

AdWords 1: It costs € 217.80 which only covers the campaign for a specific product or service.
It has a cost that only covers the campaign for a specific product or service. AdWords Duet: Issue campaigns for two products or two services and therefore, you must pay a total of € 314.60.
Issue campaigns for two products or two services and therefore, you must pay a total of. AdWords Trio: Campaigns for three products or services and has a price of € 411.40.
  • Note: Current prices may vary.

Advertising rates on Google with maintenance included

AdWords 3: In principle, it has a cost of € 395 with a duration of three months. But once you renew the plan, you only have to pay € 85 per month.
In principle, it has a cost of duration of three months. But once you renew the plan, you just have to pay. AdWords VIP: It has a duration of six months and has a price of € 1110 that when renewed, becomes only € 150 monthly.
It has a duration of six months and has a price that when renewed, it becomes so lonely. Dedicated Manager: For this plan you must pay a total of € 1650 which lasts three months and in case you decide to pay three months in advance, each one costs € 550.

All the rates that we indicate, can be canceled by means of bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal service or direct debit.

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