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How To Follow Daily APX-ENDEX Rates With An API?

Do you need some certainty regarding gas prices energy? Does it have to be for the European market? If that’s the situation, we can suggest working with an API to get daily APX-ENDEX rates!

Probably you are doubtful about which tool you can utilise and which markets to pay attention to. The truth is that the variety of financial entities and enterprises dedicated to trading and energy hot spots is wide. And more in Europe, which is a relevant buyer of raw materials. Though, it has big producers like Ukraine.

Since the war between Russia and its European neighbour started, the price of almost every precious metal reached the sky. Analogous to that phenomenon, everyone can observe the increase in raw materials rates as much as food. Consequently, every primary economy is trying to buy all the stock available, which causes more speculation and uncertainty.

Although this time seems critical and won’t get better immediately, maybe you can gain some predictability for your business. The idea of getting a daily update on the information you need is viable, and some intelligent tools can provide a service like the one you’re looking for.


How is it possible to follow daily APX-ENDEX Rates with an API?

API is the short form of Application Programming Interface. And it describes an interface that facilitates the communication between two programs or systems of a different kind. Also, those APIs make it possible to add features to websites and apps.

Of course, a tool like that exists for businesses in the energy market. Plus, the metals and currencies exchange. And generally, its information comes from trustworthy sources.

Work with an API like Metals-API to get daily APX-ENDEX rates

Specifically, this AI technology-based tool has a lightweight system, which means it’s simple. However, you don’t have to believe that simply means its service is poor.

Conversely, it can deliver quick answers and collect data from more than a dozen reliable sources. Banks, the most relevant stock exchanges and other international financial entities are among its providers. Above all, you’ll get updated numbers from the best possible places.


How can Metals-API give me daily APX-ENDEX rates?

Only with a few steps, you’ll be able to start. Firstly, go to its website and create an account. It’s always for personal utilisation, so you can’t share it with someone else.

Secondly, you will have to check all the subscriptions available and reflect on the best alternative for you. Always know that even with the free plan, you’ll have access to API calls. Although the number is short and the time-response is longer than in the rest of the packs. It will take like an hour to read the news.

Anyway, if you change your mind or your necessities increase, you can always modify the plan to upgrade or downgrade it. Here, we recommend a paid subscription because the period between request and answer is shorter, and the chances of making API calls are much more.

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