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How To Get Live Flight Data Of Jin Air Using An API

If you want to know how to get flight data without constantly updating your website you should read this article. We will tell you, detailed and with an example, the way you can use an API to obtain it. Stop worrying about this matter! Keep on focus with the help of an easy and powerful live flight data tool. 

This is what you would do, for instance, if you wanted to learn more about a certain airline. First, make a quick review about the aircraft you own, work for or want to travel with. We don’t need live data for now, just assure a little bit of context. Following this example, we can say that Jin Air is the second-largest and most low-cost airline in South Korea. As of April 2018, it has served 6 local locations and 26 overseas destinations. 

Another important piece of information would be that it has also carried 3.5 million local passengers and 5.4 million foreign travelers. Some history will be useful too: although it has been providing transport facilities national traffic decreased in benefit of the foreign market. And, of course, the destinations. With Jin Air, you can fly into or out of Australia, China, Japan, Laos, Thailand, the United States, and other countries. 

Live Flight Data

Once you have all this ‘surface’ data already set, you can start using an API for getting live numbers. For the ones who don’t come from the Informatica business, it is an intermediary software that enables dependent programs to communicate with one another. In summary, APIs are a collection of protocols, routines, and developer tools that allow programmers to extract and exchange information. 

So, if you need to know where a plane is going to depart, the software searches on a database. And then, show you the answer and its path, all along. But to obtain this kind of information, you should incorporate a specific API on your website or app. Here we introduce you to the best flight schedule data API on the market: Flight Labs.  

Live Flight Data

Did you know that you can search between 13,000 airlines from 250 countries? This tool collects real-time worldwide aviation data from various sources, using artificial intelligence and other slashing expertise. And will give you the most recent knowledge available about: arrivals, regular flights, departures, taxes, previous flights, schedules, and status. You have to know that this information will be updated all the time, you wouldn’t have to enter new insights.  

To start using Flight Labs, you will need to create an account. Then, you can insert the IATA (International Air Transport Association) code of the airline, Jin Air in our example. Another way is to choose the airline’s endpoint and write its name. The next step is to obtain a unique key for your dashboard. The API will provide it to you, you just have to wait a few seconds. Finally, click on the “run” button and you can start checking your airway information.    

If you want to develop a flight tracking API, for example, for improving your company’s services, it could be highly useful. It’s available in diverse computer languages, including JSON, Python, and PHP. Get started, your first searches will be free! 

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