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How To Get The IATA Codes Of IndiGo Using An API

In this article, we will be focusing on how you can get the IATA Code of your favorite and main airlines such as IndiGo. You just need the application of a IATA Codes API and you will be ready to reach all kinds of airlines through the information provided by them. Sounds good right? Let’s start.


Before starting to talk about how you can apply these APIs in all your airline experiences. I’d like to explain to you in brief words what The IATA Code is. I’d define it as a unique three-letter group all airlines have. This way, they can be identified all around the globe. Of course, IndiGo is no exception.

Consequently, The IATA Code is crucial for the organization of airlines, airports, and flights. If this code didn’t exist it wouldn’t be possible for the planning, arrangement, and coordination of flights. After all, these procedures are possible because of the administration of the airport institution.

IndiGo is an Indian low-cost airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It is well known by the Indian citizens thanks to its approachable costs and comfort. Hence, if you go for adventure, business, or vacation in India; you should probably have your eye on IndiGO. This being said, I recommend you Flightlabs, a free flight status tracker API, for you to identify the IATA Code of this company.


Flightlabs is an API that covers it all. It can be defined as an IATA Code API, aviation API, flight status API, and more. It is a REST API for real-time flight status, airports, schedules, and more. This API is kind of your best friend when it comes to informing yourself about Airline’s histories, routes, and timetables.

Flightlabs is built  API is built on scalable cloud architecture that can handle any traffic – from thousands to millions of queries per minute. Yes, it has worldwide coverage, so India will definitely be there. It covers 250+ countries and 13.000+ airlines. Is really amazing how many places this API can reach. I will now follow to number your the steps to use it:

  1. Create a FlightLabs account. Then select the endpoint that you require or you can insert the IATA Code or ICAO code of airports or airlines
  2. Use these codes and then call the API. You can get a unique API key on your account dashboard.
  3. Finally, press the “run” button and you’re finished. Also, you can choose any programming language.

We have reached the end of the article. Hopefully, you now have all the tools for you to start implementing APIs like Flightlabs into your life. This way, flying and looking for airlines won’t be a stressful experience. On the contrary, it will be easy and comfortable. Good luck!

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