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How To Improve Cannabis Marketing With Email Marketing

Although it is true most people worldwide check their inboxes at least once per day, that doesn’t mean they will read your emails thoroughly. For that reason, we summarise key points to improving your Cannabis marketing (and our favourite email marketing platform to do it).

Many traditional and digital marketing strategies (Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and some social media marketing) restrict marijuana-related business content, so using email marketing for your weed store is a terrific opportunity. For Cannabis businesses, email marketing is one of the most productive platforms. Email marketing allows you to communicate directly with your consumers to connect with them, advertise your products and increase your subscriber base.

How To Improve Cannabis Marketing With Email Marketing

Yet, emailing is more than merely sending an image with a title. There are elements in the campaign creation process you can manage to improve your Cannabis email marketing. For starters, you can’t send your audience regular “one size fits all” emails and take too long to convey your following message. Also, don’t be scared of failing. As long as you maintain track of your analytics to see what is and is not working, everything will be fine. Plus, always remember to craft engaging material to get subscribers to keep reading your newsletters. That way, your mailing list will develop naturally and over time, as well as open rates.

An email marketing tool can help you with those tasks. However, finding a cannabis-friendly email service provider is challenging. For most email marketing softwares, this industry falls into the “Illegal goods or services” category. Therefore, you must pick a cannabis-friendly email solution. After all, no one desires account closures without warning, suspensions at random, and marketing restrictions. That would constitute a disastrous email marketing campaign.


Adult content, gambling websites, online casinos, crypto, initial coin offering, multi-level marketing, pharmaceutical products, affiliate marketing, sports betting, etc., Postr allows all those usually banned by email marketing services, including cannabis companies. So if you are looking for a friendly email marketing for all industries, this is it.

How To Improve Cannabis Marketing With Email Marketing

What’s more, Postr has all the tools to create successful campaigns. On the one hand, it enfolds responsive HTML templates to help you catch your client’s attention. On the other hand, it offers guidelines on how to convey information. Thus, you can turn to those materials when feeling lost.

But do you know what never gets lost? Your emails. Postr guarantees high deliverability. That means every single email you send will reach its destination right away –not eventually. And after they get to the inbox, you can supervise their performance to continually learn what your recipients do and do not consider valuable data.

With Postr, feel free to personalise your emails. The service is convinced customisation secures future conversions. It is the way to boost open rates (up to 70%!). Try this email marketing software’s benefits for free by signing up. That action will let you deliver 1,000 monthly emails to a list of 200 subscribers tops.

Are you ready to take your Cannabis marketing to the next level? We would love to hear about your experiences!

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