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How To Instantly Get Historical Flight Data With An API

Did you know that your users may easily access Historical Flight Data for any flight they choose using an API? These programs can include data on flight status, gate information, departure and arrival timings, and more. Thus, keep reading this post since we will try to provide you with some fundamental information about this if you’re seeking an easy-to-use API that can supply correct flight data for travelers.

How To Instantly Get Historical Flight Data With An API

Historical Flight Data

Historical Flight Data are the foundation of commercial analysis and predictive technology throughout the whole travel industry. The foundation of every post-operational study is past data. As a result, Historical Flight Data is essential for doing post-flight analysis of an aircraft because it not only enables users to acquire a more thorough operational picture but also starts to gain actionable insights earlier. This research assesses the performance of a plane over time, problematic flights, flight events, and other issues.

For in-depth analysis, analysts need dependable and accurate data. Yet, there are times when data gaps occur as a result of lost data, outages, and other missing links. Historical data can help fill in the gaps and give the knowledge required to make the best decisions, ensuring accurate and comprehensive datasets. There are many platforms that can provide you with the information you need. But it can be a difficult effort. The choice we have determined to be the best for us is FlightLabs, which we will discuss with you next.

FlightLabs: The Best Historical Flight Data API

How To Instantly Get Historical Flight Data With An API

FlightLabs is a comprehensive API that gathers real-time data about international flights from a variety of sources. This API benefits from modern technology like artificial intelligence. (AI). It will provide you with the most recent data that is currently accessible.

Using the FlightLabs API, you can obtain flight status data from 13,000 airlines and more than 250 nations. This API provides access to flight data such as departures, daily flights, arrivals, aviation taxes, historical flights, airline routes, and status updates, among other things.

On the other hand, because it can be accessed in a number of computer languages, including JSON, Python, and PHP, this API might be highly useful for developers. As a result, it will be simple to incorporate all of the data into programs or applications.

Flightlabs‘ API Endpoints

Let’s see an example. Apart from providing data about real-time flights, the FlightLabs‘ API is also capable of looking up data about historical flights. The Historical Flights endpoint can provide historical information about any particular flight in the world and retrieve its flight data. Here’s an example:

access_key[Required] Your API access key, which can be found in your acccount dashboard.
code[Required] Departure or arrival airport IATA code.
type[Required] Either “departure” or “arrival” as both within the same query is not possible.
date_to[Optional] Filter your results by end date of the requested date range.
dep_iataCode[Optional] Filter by departure airport if “arrival” for “&type=” was chosen, based on the airport IATA code.
arr_iataCode[Optional] Filter your results by arrival airport if “departure” for “&type=” was chosen, based on the airport IATA code.
airline_iata[Optional] Option to filter airline based on airline IATA code
flight_num[Optional] Option to filter a specific flight based on its flight number. Example: 5703

Example Of API Response

                        "data": [
                            "departure": {
                            "arrival": {
                            "airline": {
                                "name":"Air Baltic",
                            "flight": {
                            "codeshared": {
                              "airline": {
                                "name":"Air Malta",
                              "flight": {

How To Get Historical Flight Data With FlightLabs API?

FlightLabs is an easy-to-use API that can provide you with accurate flight data. This data can be useful to track flights, predicting future flights, and more. To get started with FlightLabs, all you need is an account and a few simple steps.

  1. First, register for a FlightLabs account. You will have access to the API as a result. Next, choose your preferred endpoint or type in the airline or airport’s IATA or ICAO code.
  2. Call the API after using these codes. A distinct API key can be obtained from your account dashboard. You will receive an API key after creating an account. The API can be accessed using this key.
  3. To finish, simply click “Run,” and you’re good to go! You will see the API response on your screen. Choosing a programming language is another option.

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