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How To Know Hourly Prices Of Lumber?

Are you looking for lumber prices? You came to the right place.

Wood is a natural fibrous material that is obtained from the trunk of trees and is used as a fundamental raw material for the production of lumber, paper, furniture, pulp, among other uses. In this sense, the wood industry is the economic sector that involves industrial activities for exploitation, extraction, cutting, processing, storage, obtaining and biochemical treatment of wood from the planting of trees and going through each of the phases previously mentioned.

It is the lumber, also known as timber, one of the most important products for society. It refers to wood that has been transformed into beams and planks, and then it’s used for structural or construction purposes. It is a material with greater resistance, rigidity and density, which better prepares the wood for finishing. Preservatives are often applied to protect the wood from deterioration and decay.

Being such an important raw material, it is very important for society and especially for wood industry, to be up to date with its price. Each small change can mean a lot of price difference when building a house or thousands of dollars in profit or loss. For this case, we recommend using the Commodities-API to observe the hourly prices of the lumber.

How To Know Hourly Prices Of Lumber?

What is Commodities-API?

One of the solutions to find prices of basic products such as lumber is, without a doubt, Commodities-API. It is an API that will allow us to save time and, above all, money. Its function is to collect data from 15 absolutely reliable sources, such as banks and financial centers, every hour and every minute. In fact, this service is so fast that we will be able to obtain updated data every 60 seconds and with a precision of 2 decimal points.

But not only this, it also has a currency conversion system. It does not matter if you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Pakistan or Mexico, the prices will be displayed in your currency.

How much does it cost?

If you got to this point in the article, you are probably wondering about the price. Fortunately, we have good news to tell you. It is free, or at least you will be able to use a part of this service without having to pay anything. However, there are also paid plans that take full advantage of the impressive capabilities of the Commodities-API. It all depends on your needs. We recommend you go to its website, review the “pricing” section and choose the one that best suits you.

How To Know Hourly Prices Of Lumber?

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