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How To Obtain Cotton Charts With An API

Would you like to obtain cotton prices quickly, easily and dynamically? Fortunately for you, here we offer you a tool that will definitely help you.

Cotton is a textile fiber of vegetable origin produced by a family of plants of the Gossypium genus and the Malvaceae family, known as cotton plants. This fiber grows in different proportions and lengths around the seeds of the plant and is usable for the industrial process of manufacturing fabrics, being today the most important natural fiber in the world.

About 60% of the cotton fiber is used to make a huge range of clothing, from shirts, t-shirts, coats, jackets, to underwear, work clothes and jeans. It is also frequently used for bedding, lingerie, cleaning cloths, bedspreads, sheets, towels, gowns or for medical supplies such as gauze and bandages. Other products include canvas, industrial thread and oils.

The main cotton exporting countries are the US, Brazil and Australia, among more than 100 countries where it is grown. Of this production, the largest consumer on the planet is China, whose huge textile industry requires 40% of the raw cotton produced in the world. If you are Chinese or from a country that requires a lot of cotton, surely you want to be up to date with its price. For this, the most efficient is to use graphs to make comparisons with other commodities and their variations on their rates over time.

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Although there are several tools for this that you need, we recommend you use the number 1 in the market, Commodities-API.

Why Commodities-API?

This system is an Open-Source API for accessing current and historical commodity rates. The API offers currency values for almost any commodity, precious metals, single currency conversions, and volatility statistics. Thousands of developers, SMBs, and major organizations utilize Commodities-API on a daily basis. By the way, It’s the #1 resource for commodity rates because to its reliable data sources and 6+ years of experience.

How to use it?

1- Log in to its website and then choose one of the 3 available plans. Don’t worry, one of them is completely free, but with some limitations. Anything, you can pay for the basic and professional plan.
2- Select the cotton symbol and the currency you prefer.
3- Make the API call and that’s it!
4- If you want to create charts, there is a “charts” tab on the website, click there and get your custom charts.

For any questions or queries, you can send a message from 10am to 7pm (EST time).

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