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How To Obtain IP Time Zone From IP Address With An API Easily

Do you want to know what time zone your client is in? Then utilize a geolocation API based on IP addresses!

Before you can do anything else, you need to know what IP geolocation is and how an API works. The first is an Internet-connected device’s physical location, such as a cell phone or tablet. It has nothing to do with your location, but rather with the location of your electronic devices. An IP address can be used to find out a user’s continent, country, and city, among other things.

But how does an API fit into this? To obtain the information described in the preceding paragraph, you must employ technology, such as an API. This is a device that allows two computers or programs to communicate with each other. With a few mouse clicks, you can get information from another location on the internet.

Any IP address can be entered here, and the API will return all information associated with that number. It’s largely geographic information, but checking at someone’s IP address might reveal a lot about them. These can help you determine your users’ time zone without having to ask them to fill out any forms, and then act on that information using the API’s time-related metadata. This is extremely important for your website and will save you a significant amount of time and money.

How To Obtain IP Time Zone From IP Address With An API Easily

How to employ an API?

APIs can be found online by using a program that provides them. There are a lot of them available for free, but not all of them work in the same way. As a result, you should be cautious about which one you choose, as making the wrong decision could cost you both time and money.

To save time and simplify the process, we strongly urge you to use ipXapi, one of the best IP geolocation APIs accessible. This tool may provide real-time IP data because it is linked to numerous channels. The API’s database is updated on a daily basis, with up to 24 database changes.

The infrastructure behind this platform has developed to be very scalable and efficient after 11 years of continuous development, processing between 2 and 3 billion API calls each day. Data coverage is expanding on a daily basis, with ipXapi now supporting over 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities worldwide.

How To Obtain IP Time Zone From IP Address With An API Easily

This application gives a very high degree of accuracy in IP data since its database and API are linked with a number of significant ISPs who frequently submit information about new and current IP ranges.

How does it work?

Get your API key by creating an account at

Enter the IP address you’d want to gather data from.

Send it out and see what you receive in return.

Save the API to your computer and use it as needed.

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