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How To Search Hotel Room By Number Of Rooms With This API

The advance of technological development has brought about a change in people’s behavior that has made it necessary for various activities to adapt to this new reality, one of which was tourism, which had to adapt to the boom in new technologies that had a strong impact on planning, booking and experiencing a trip. In recent years, one of the fastest-growing phenomena has been the use of mobile applications, considered a tool for innovation in the tourism industry. 

 Here enter the APIs with information about hotels, read more about it.

What To Do To Face This Change?

This paradigm shift has forced destinations and tourism service companies to adapt. Not only that, but consumer behavior has also changed. With greater access to information, tourists acquired greater knowledge and became more demanding. This, therefore, led to changes in the way companies marketed (since they had to personalize their products) and the way tourists planned their trips (since the abundance of information due to the expansion of the Internet generated a greater degree of influence when making decisions). 

All this technological revolution became even more complex with the appearance of mobile devices. Have you noticed that lately many companies, businesses, and institutions are managed through mobile applications: bank transfers, food orders, supermarket shopping, social networks, photo, and video editors, messaging, and remote communication? Today there is a myriad of time-saving, efficient, and affordable mobile applications (commonly known as apps).   

You may wonder how applications or websites can function as intermediaries and offer third-party services. If they can do so, it is thanks to some wonderful tools that work with Artificial Intelligence called Travel API. These tools allow us to integrate information in real-time, and thus offer various services from any digital platform. 

API: How Does It Work?

These fantastic tools, called API for Application Programming Interface, have radically changed the way of developing websites or digital platforms. The term says it, they are interfaces, they establish a connection between the platform and an external software. That way they can access in real time to the information that is produced or stored. Depending on the type of software with which it is connected will depend on the type of API. 

Hotel APIs establish connections with thousands of hotels around the world, and provide information on available accommodation in real time. Many times they even allow you to filter the search by specific parameters such as Number of Rooms, or Check-In Date. However, not all APIs have the same attributes or breadth of coverage. We recommend you try an API with global coverage and a sophisticated search engine like FlightLabs.

More About FlightLabs

FlightLabs will allow you to be a leader in marketing hotel accommodations anywhere in the world! This tool works with the best of Artificial Intelligence providing optimal performance every time. You will be able to integrate a sophisticated search engine that will not only provide you with information in the shortest response time in the market, but will also allow you to search by specific parameters whatever the category. 

You will be able to provide information on Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, in real time or historical. This API has a great performance recognized by all those who use it, provides a personalized experience for users, and being compatible with most programming languages is very easy to integrate into any platform. Don’t wait any longer to integrate FlightLabs and bring dynamism to your business!

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