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Investors invest millions in this Berlin superfood startup

The young startup couple of the Berlin startup “Your Super” is the best advertisement for their own product: The 31-year-old Michael Küch and his girlfriend Kristel de Groot are young and fit, shining into the camera, in the foreground their own developed products.

What superfood is made of

In his opinion, such healthy mixtures of wheatgrass, algae and pea proteins helped Küch overcome his cancer a few years ago. The two are the brand faces of their own superfood startup. There are not only perfectly staged closeups of cereals and smoothies, but also snapshots from the life of the founder couple.

An authentic founding duo that has called several investors onto the scene four years after launching.

Only recently, the native of Aachen and his Dutch girlfriend collected five million US dollars, including from Döhler Ventures and the California venture capitalist Power Plant Ventures, which is already involved in Beyond Meat. Since its foundation in 2015, VCs and Business Angels have invested more than $ 7 million in the Berlin startup.

Growth of US market

In the meantime, the US market is growing faster than the European one, according to Küch. Most orders are received by Your Super from Germany, France and the UK  and only online. Production, storage and logistics take over partner companies. However, Küch and de Groot personally control all batches, as they say.

Superfood powder

Berlin Organics has made it to the supermarket without an investor. Since its inception, Startup Berlin Organics sells its superfood mixes in large organic chains and supermarkets.

How much it costs

It does not want to reveal how much the couple is doing with their startup. Only so much: In 2018, the 12-member team sold more than 100,000 blends. A tin costs around 25 to 33 euros. Sales last year were ten times higher than the year before. They have not yet reached the break-even point. “We’re scratching on profitability,” says Küch.

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