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IP API To Get Geolocation

IP Adress technology is incredibly helpful for companies that want to give their users and customers a personalized experience. By using IP to geolocation data, any business can customize the content on their website for customers from a specific continent; county; or city. This also allows showing different product offers to customers in different locations; and delivering more relevant content by redirecting users to pages in their own language. In this article, we will share some information with you about ipXapi, an IP API To Get Geolocation, and its advantages.

Geolocation Using IP Addresses improves engagement and conversion rates. In addition, IP-based geolocation helps prevent fraud and makes targeting advertising more effective. Due to its many benefits, IP geolocation is essential for companies that want to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. Then, without a doubt, this technology is essential for businesses that work globally. That is why most companies nowadays already use an IP to Geolocation API to get IP geolocation data.

IP API To Get Geolocation

What Is An IP API?

An internet protocol application programming interface, or IP API for short, is an app that gives you access to data about the location of a visitor to your website. If a user visits your site and their location at the time of the visit might be of use to you, you can use an IP API to get that information.

It works by accessing databases of information about different IP addresses. The IP address is like an ID Number, a unique number that every device connected to the internet has; and there are associations between those numbers and the locations where they are. Databases of these associations are maintained by companies who provide this service.

Additionally, IP APIs allow you to send requests for information about a particular IP address in exchange for some kind of compensation — usually money, but sometimes other kinds of compensation (like ads or requests for other kinds of information). Accordingly, the API will then return the data associated with that IP address.

IpXapi: A High-Quality IP API To Get Geolocation

This API allows you to locate and identify visitors to a website with an IP address quickly and with great precision. It provides all kinds of information; such as the client’s location, what connection they use, the postal code, among much more. With ipXapi you can implement geo-restrictions on a website, optimize ad targeting and deliver specific customer experiences based on their location. There are three plans and the number of API calls depends on which one you have.

Furthermore, if your business is still starting and you don’t have too much budget, ipXapi offers you a free plan that has the same benefits as any of the paid ones. However, the only difference between the plans is the number of Requests per month you can use. Therefore, we recommend you check it out.

IP API To Get Geolocation

To use ipXapi you just have to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Register for an account at
  2. Then, enter the IP address from which you wish to obtain data.
  3. Send it out and see how many people respond.
  4. Save ipXapi to your computer and use it as needed.

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