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IP Geolocation APIs: Gain Insights To Protect Your Brand

Do you need to know how to use IP Geolocation APIs to protect your brand? Then you should read this article where we will explain how to do so and tell you about our recommendation.

What Exactly Is IP Geolocation Data?

Users can use IP geolocation data to determine the origin of website visitors, customers, employees, or anyone else accessing or communicating with their network. Typical IP geolocation solutions (APIs, lookup tools, bulk IP tools, or databases) provide the country, region, city, latitude and longitude coordinates, time zone, GeoNamesID, Autonomous System (AS) number, and details (name, route, and domain), Internet service provider (ISP), and connection type of an IP address owner. 

All of this information identifies the physical location of the device (computer or mobile device) at the time its owner visited your site, purchased a product on your e-commerce platform, accessed a file on your network, and so on. Given all of this, IP geolocation data is useful for a variety of applications such as cybersecurity, marketing, and fraud prevention. Learn how in detail in the sections that follow.

IP Geolocation APIs: Gain Insights To Protect Your Brand

IP Geolocation APIs: Gain Insights To Protect Your Brand

3 Ways IP Geolocation Data Can Help You

Determine Potential Threat Vectors

One of the many ways organizations can mitigate cyber-attacks is to identify threat hotspots. You can use publicly available reports to prioritize IP addresses that may pose a greater risk than others. To combat phishing, which remains one of the most serious issues for many businesses, a number of reports can be used as a starting point for cyber defense efforts.

Avoiding a cyber attack is one way to successfully protect your brand. Close monitoring, with subsequent blocking of malicious IP addresses from known threat hotspots, is one way to accomplish this.

Concentrate on the Correct Targets

Knowing your target demographic is critical when it comes to marketing. No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t sell it to the right people, all of your marketing efforts may be for naught.

After you’ve determined your target demographic, you’ll need to know where they live. The method allows you to zero in on the areas where they make the most money. It also enables them to identify areas where they are underperforming so that they can revise their strategies. And, with the help of IP geolocation, they can pinpoint which countries, regions, or cities they should focus on.

You can use network logs to collect users’ IP addresses (especially those coming from your shopping pages) to determine which countries the majority of your buyers are from. Once you’ve identified your best sales areas, you can tailor your website content to them, provide additional discounts and offers to them, and so on.

Another way to protect your brand is to keep your company growing. And you can do so by concentrating your efforts on the right markets, with a little help from IP geolocation.

Keep Fraudsters at Bay

On the Dark Web, stolen credit cards are sold at extremely low prices. For example, at the beginning of August 2021, approximately 1 million stolen credit cards with matching expiration dates, CVV numbers, owners’ names, and other personal information were listed for sale on an emerging stolen credit card dumpsite. The unfortunate thing is that people buy and use them, putting not only their owners at risk but also the businesses that are duped into approving purchases made with them.

If the true cardholders contest the purchases and prove they did not make them, the sellers will be forced to reverse the charges. Of course, doing so results in lost revenue and additional costs to repay the cardholders.

You must protect your customers from fraud in order to protect your brand. Only if they are satisfied with the security that you provide will they return for more.

What API Should I Use?

There is a plethora of IP geolocation APIs available for use on the internet. Because there are so many, deciding which one to use may be difficult. As a result, you should proceed with caution because not every tool is useful or functions in the same way, and making a bad choice can be extremely damaging to your business.

We strongly advise you to use ipXapi, one of the best IP geolocation APIs available, to make the process as simple as possible. This instrument may provide real-time IP data because it is linked to multiple channels. The database of the API is updated daily, with up to 24 database changes per day.

IP Geolocation APIs: Gain Insights To Protect Your Brand

You must do the following to make use of it:

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Enter the IP address from which you wish to obtain data.
  3. Send it out and see how many people respond.
  4. Save the API to your computer and use it whenever you need it.

Specifics About This API

Because the ipXapi database and API are linked with a number of major ISPs who regularly provide information about new and current IP ranges, they provide a high level of accuracy in IP data. Because ipXapi is connected to a number of channels that provide real-time IP data, the API’s database is constantly updated, with up to 24 database changes per day. Furthermore, data coverage is expanding on a daily basis, with ipXapi now supporting over 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities worldwide.

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