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Is There Any API For Osmium Rates In C Languague?

Do you know what Osmium is? Are you interested in learning how to generate profits through an API that teaches you to follow the monetary movements of precious metals?

With the symbol Os, atomic number 76, and atomic weight 190.2, it is a chemical element. It’s a hard, white metal that’s only found in small amounts in nature. Because osmium is found in modest concentrations in ores of other metals, it is often mined from platinum, nickel, and copper deposits. It is generally found with other minerals rich in iron, chromium, nickel, and copper in its natural condition.

Osmium, like other metals like platinum, may catalyze reactions. For microscopic tissue inspection, osmium tetroxide is employed as an organic reagent and stain. Because of their exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance, osmium alloys containing rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, or platinum are used in fountain pen nibs, compass nibs, phonograph needles, electrical contacts, and instrument pivots.

Is There Any API For Osmium Rates In C Languague?

Although it takes nearly 10,000 tons of platinum ore to generate just 30 grams of osmium, it is extracted as a by-product of platinum mining. Borneo, Japan, North and South America, Tasmania, and the Ural Mountains are home to the largest deposits. People interested in investing in osmium use websites that seek to provide daily rates on the metals and other currencies to keep up with osmium prices. To generate these websites that connect with each other with financial entities and are kept up to date, various programs are used.

C Language Programming

C is a general-purpose software program that may be used for a variety of activities. It may be used to make operating systems, databases, and compilers, among other things. For starters, C is an excellent programming language to master. The C programming language is highly suited for system programming, such as OS or compiler development, since it enables low-level memory access, a small number of keywords, and a clean style. Search for Metals-API if you’re searching for a platform that also supports the C programming language.


Metals-API gathers market data prices from a range of trade sources and organizations throughout the world in a variety of formats and frequencies. Commercial sources, especially for major currencies and commodities, are also recommended since they give a more realistic reflection of market exchange prices.

Is There Any API For Osmium Rates In C Languague?

Easy to use 

Metals-API it´s a really simple to use platform. All you have to do now is follow the steps below:

1 – Create a user account.

2 – Generate an API Key; this code must be kept secure because it is needed to make an API request.

3- You should be familiar with the symbols you will use. You may find them here.

4- Finally, make a backup of your API access key and execute it.

Prior Reports

The Metals-API API platform provides historical EOD (End of Day) exchange rates, which are only available between the hours of 00:05 a.m. and 00:05 a.m. GMT. Only the day before reports are accessible, and they are time stamped to one second before midnight. Since 2019, these reports have been provided.

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