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Is There Any Metal Rate API With A WordPress Plugin

The best way to stay on top of the oscillations in the world of precious metals is through an API. While it is an absolute truth that you need to be on top of a market all the time to know its changes, in all that is precious metals it is twice as necessary.

One of the easiest ways to keep up with you is through an API. Especially one with features that aim to maintain price changes per hour or minute. At the same time that it allows you to connect with a WordPress document to generate a display of different rates.

Another element that few APIs have, one of them being Metals-API, is to have almost all the currencies available in the world, as well as almost unknown metals such as ruthenium. Usually, smaller companies ignore gold and go straight to those types of metals, which generate more profits in the long run.

Metals-API allows your first 50 calls to be free. Then you have different plans that allow you to have hourly changes in the rates and a much more useful plan that shows you the changes every 60 seconds. All of their plans allow rates in any type of currency, even crypto.


While trust is often hard to come by. Metals-API has a font model that generates solidity and trust in all those who use it. Their system uses a unique “validation and fallback” technique that assigns different priorities to each data source and validates each metal/forex rate as it enters our databases to achieve the highest level of data coverage and consistency. 

If one source is unable to provide a trustworthy quote for this currency pair, the next highest provider is contacted. This helps them to avoid inconsistencies and deliver accurate spot conversion rates to six decimal places for the great majority of currencies.

Metals API Drupal Module and WordPress Plugin

Metals-API Drupal module comes up with comprehensive controls to display desired date metal rates as well as the latest. If you only want a daily snapshot of precious metal prices, this free license is all you need. The drupal module can refresh the rate once a day (every 24 hours) and it will fall within the 50 requests per month that the free license allows. Additional refreshes per day will require a paid license which can be had relatively cheaply. You can also try Metals-API WordPress Plugin which consumes, caches, and produces blocks to display precious metal prices.

Key Features

  • API for real-time, delayed, historical, and tick-by-tick periodicity
  • Real-time precious metals prices API for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum
  • Real-time metals price API for base metals and platinum group metals
  • Intraday and historical charts AP
  • Historical spot and futures prices for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum

Key Benefits

  • Use a trusted gold price and silver price API used by hundreds of firms in the industry
  • Access institutional quality real-time precious metal prices through an easy-to-use API
  • Easily embed real-time gold prices and other metals in your applications — including spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other corporate applications
  • Dramatically reduce time to market for apps that need precious metal prices
  • Eliminate the pains and complexity of legacy feeds by using cloud APIs is used by thousands of developers, SMBs, and large corporations every day. Rock-solid data sources and 6+ years of experience make Metals-API the #1 resource for real-time precious metals rates. You can sign up here.

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