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Keep Up To Date With The XauUsd Trend With This API

This API will keep companies in touch with the XauUsd trends. Hence, they will always know the current value of gold in the market. 

Technologies have helped enhance companies’ productivity and financial growth. One of those techs is APIs. An API is a program that enables software applications to interact with one another to share data and/or resources. There are different types of APIs for different applications. Today will focus on a Metals API. 

Lots of companies depend on the trade of metals, especially gold. This is because gold is a metal used in a number of industries and actions. For example, to create jewelry and electrics. 

Hence, it is key for businesses to be aware of the XaaUsd trends regarding the material. Let’s explain better how this works. 


What Does XauUsd Means?

Gold is a currency in the Forex market. The uniqueness of gold is that it can only be exchanged for US dollars (USD). The symbol for gold that is widely used is XAU. It is thought to appreciate in value during periods of volatility and economic instability since it is regarded as a “safe” asset.

The XAU/USD pair provides traders with the cost of purchasing one ounce of gold in US dollars (the base currency). The world’s greatest gold reserves are in the United States.

Since gold is such a commodity and a need for a big list of companies. It is safe to say they should be always aware of XauUsd trends. Thus a metals price API becomes essential for them. 


With a  XAUS USD API companies will have access to historical data and keep up to date with the trend. This allows businesses to react more quickly to changes in market conditions and spot opportunities to make trades in currencies.

 The data is cached locally for improved performance and availability. This even enables to set up of trading bots to take positions in currency pairs as the market moves. Metals APIs can be used by app developers to add currency functionality to their apps or websites.


Use Metals-API to access real-time rates of the precious metals markets. Integrating it will allow the company to receive instant updates on the market This application programming interface is a simple and lightweight tool for current and historical precious metals rates. The API delivers both real-time and historical data, with a wide range of date ranges and support for multiple currencies.

With Metals-API your company will always remain aware of XauUsd trends and changes. In simple words, aware of the exchange rate between the US dollar and the price of gold.

Of course, we’re focusing on Gold but the same with any other fluctuations and tendencies in metals. Moreover, it even has a Carat endpoint that enables one to get information about gold rates by carat. 

Moreover, monetary authorities release official price information every day for the various precious metals that they govern. For example, European Central Bank. This provides trustworthiness to the API.

If you’re looking to find out more information about Metals-API check their site where you have the possibility to subscribe. Here: 

Landing Of Metals API

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