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Latest Google Assistant gets dark mode

A month ago we talked about the redesign of Google Assistant that was coming, but with Google you never know if the news will prosper or will remain in the pipeline. Finally, the new design has passed the tests and is being activated for everyone.

With a novelty of the official test bench, we have another one that is on the way: the dark mode for the Google Assistant. The latest beta version of the Google application available on Google Play, version 9.5, already has a dark half-cooked mode.

To arrive: the dark mode

Finally, it seems that Android Q will include the longed for dark mode and Google takes time preparing the terrain by adding compatibility in many of its applications such as Play Games, Contacts or Phone. The next to arrive could be the Google Assistant.

As described in 9to5Google, the latest version of the Google application already has a kind of dark mode, but is now pretty green. Only parts of the interface change color, transitions are not smooth and for some reason the app works more slow when having dark mode activated.

This partial dark mode is activated when using the Android 9 battery saving mode or if the user sets the Night mode in the developer options as “Always On”. Clearly this feature is not ready yet, although it is on his way.

Already here: the new interface

On the other hand, changes in the design of both Google Assistant and Google search are being activated for everyone. Specifically, the Wizard sees its buttons grouped at the bottom of the screen. Now you can find, from left to right, the Notifications, Google Lens, Microphone, Keyboard and Explore button.

It is not the only change received by the Google application, which receives splashes from the new Google Material Design. It is a new style for the icons and a regrouping of the options of the application, including a new access to Your data in Search.

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