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Leading API For Nickel Rates In Canadian Dollars

Did you know that nickel is present in almost all soils on earth? Are you interested in entering the market for this metal? Read this post to understand an API that will give you a hand with this topic!

Nickel is a silvery-white, hard yet malleable metal that occurs naturally in practically all types of soils. It is frequently found in the environment in combination with oxygen and sulfur. This metal, in its purest state, has a beautiful brilliance and is tarnishing-resistant.

Nickel is a vital material for humanity’s survival because of its magnetic qualities and its resistance to heat, corrosion, and degradation when incorporated into various alloys. Stainless steel is made by combining nickel and iron.

Nickel compounds are employed in nickel plating, ceramic coloring, battery manufacturing, and as catalysts, which help chemical processes move faster. Nickel is found in nature in combination with other elements in the earth’s crust.

Although major nickel mining countries include Indonesia, Canada is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of nickel, with a huge nickel-copper mixed sulfide deposit in Sudbury, Ontario. Similar deposits are found in Manitoba and Voisey’s Bay, Labrador. Other countries with substantial nickel production include Russia, Australia, New Caledonia, and South Africa.

In 2021, Canada produced an estimated 167,243 tonnes of nickel in concentrate from mines located in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Manitoba. Because of this, Canada is a good country to invest in nickel and make a profit. For this, we recommend the use of the Metals-API platform.


This platform aims to make monetary adjustments via an API, or application programming interface, in order to facilitate the trade of various precious metals such as gold and aluminum, among others. It features a one-minute response time and 170 different currencies.

Easy to use

The Metals-API platform has the singularity of not being very complex to manage. You only need to meet three requirements:

– Create an account on the website

– Get the products you want

– Make an API call on the site, choosing the type of currency and the preferred metal product.


This website has 256-bit SSL encryption which is a mechanism that informs visitors that the website they are visiting is trustworthy, allowing them to safely submit their personal information. In this way, the Metals-API connection is completely secure. In turn, the data that Metals-API obtains comes from financial entities.

Previous Reports Option

The Metals-API provides historical EOD or end-of-day exchange rates, which means that orders are held open until the required price is attained and then released at 00:05 a.m. the next day. These time slots are only available until one second before midnight. From January 1, 2019, historical exchange rate data is available.

For more details, check their website.

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