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Make your startup grow like this Ego Mobile

The Aachen electric car startup Ego Mobile has unveiled the production version of its affordable electric car Ego Life at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle should be available from 16,000 euros.

E-car startups are growing

About two years ago, the e-mobility startup Ego Mobile, based at RTWH Aachen, presented the final design for the small Stromer Ego Life at Cebit. In the course of the Geneva Motor Show, the production version of the cheap e-car has been shown for the first time. After successful EU-wide approval, which should take place in mid-March 2019, it will go into production at the Aachen plant.

Ego Life: Delivery of first models from the beginning of May

Originally, the Ego Life should roll off the line in October 2018, due to the loss of a supplier, however, delayed road clearance. Now it is clear: from May, the delivery of the Stromer, which will come in three versions on the market.

The three variants of the Ego Life differ in the battery size (14.5, 17.5 and 23.5 kilowatt hours) and the power (20, 24, 32 kilowatts). Also in terms of ranges there are differences: The smallest model comes with a load 100, the middle 113 and the largest 145 kilometers wide. The top speeds are according to the data of Ego Mobile at 112, 123 and 142 kilometers per hour. There are four people each. The starting price is 15,900, the largest model is available from 19,900 euros

For the infotainment system, the manufacturer requires a surcharge of 1,200 euros. The navigation system costs another 1,900 euros extra. It should be available only in the course of the year, so

The information of the portal Elektroauto-News should be received by the end of 2019, all pre-orderers of Ego Life up to the pre-order number 4.300 their car.

Sportster Ego Life Sport and Ego Move at the Geneva Motor Show

Ego Mobile has not shown its affordable Stromer at the showroom, but more models in development: The Ego Life Concept Sport is a offshoot of the Ministromer with offensive design, sportier suspension and higher performance in combination with high quality interior and panoramic glass roof. “Ego Life Concept Sport stands for the fun factor of dynamic electric driving,” says Ego Mobile CEO Günther Schuh describing the vehicle.

The Ego Lux

Ego-Mobile’s sister Ego Moove also presented the E-Shuttle Ego Lux. The vehicle should be able to be designed individually with regard to the equipment of customers. The Lux can be used as a mobile conference or living room.

The Ego Mover: Big as an SUV, seats 15 people

In addition, the electric bus Ego Mover will be shown, which will be produced from April 2020 at Ego-Werk 3 in Aachen. The small bus is about the size of a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), but carries up to 15 people. The vehicle will enable “an economical on-demand offer in public transport by allowing passengers to use e-buses through mobile service providers, regardless of stops,” the company said. The bus should first come on the street as a manually driven bus. At a later stage, with a corresponding adaptation of ZF’s software and hardware architecture, Ego Mover was also designed to be able to drive autonomously.

Ego Mobile has been in the last few days not only because of its e-vehicles, the big topic at the show, but also because of the announcement to put on the modular electric kit (MEB) of Volkswagen. Volkswagen had officially announced on the eve of the car showroom to open its MEB for third – Ego Mobile is the first partner.

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