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These are the new startups: From AI to building surveillance

From artificial intelligence to building surveillance and air measurement sensors – start-ups are once again mixed in the eighth grade and range from the eHealth category to Communication and Smart City.


The Berlin start-up combines the topics of medicine, management and artificial intelligence. The company develops learning algorithms designed to optimize and streamline operations in clinics, or supports medical and medical research organizations in the application of highly specialized artificial intelligence medical software.


This start-up also deals with artificial intelligence: Idatase develops software solutions for real-time AI in IoT infrastructures, which can be found in applications such as the energy industry, OEMs or smart cities.

Octagon Carreers

Octagon wants to revolutionize the usual job-search application processes and offer newly graduated students better opportunities to quickly find the right job. Anonymisation, various equality regulations in the selection process and detailed feedback, which gives the future career starters a better sense of their own strengths and weaknesses, should help.

Also this company develops software solutions for artificial intelligence and concentrates thereby primarily on the automatic recognition and generation of texts or the image recognition for real estate companies and energy service providers.


The founders of Brain Plug work in the field of building surveillance and develop intelligent camera infrastructures that are no longer non-stop and blanket, but only record device-specific in case of potential danger and at the same time increase security and increase privacy.


The start-up from Chemnitz has developed a sensor that analyzes the air in the interior, checks it for various quality criteria and warns the user in case of deviations, such as excessive particulate matter. The system can also be connected to common Virtual Assistants like Alexa or Google Home.


The myo communication platform is designed to enable caregivers to share photos and content with the patient’s relatives and keep them up-to-date on the patient’s well-being and situation in a protected platform in digital and timely fashion.


The start-up develops novel, highly efficient water and wastewater filters that are designed to improve cleaning performance with reduced energy consumption.

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