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Martech: the guaranteed bet for companies

Revenues from the global marketing technology industry would generate $ 12.2 billion in revenues during 2018, according to Outsell calculations.

The technology industry is so powerful that the Best Global Brands 2017, prepared by Interbrand, shows that the eternal rivalry between Apple and Google is again present, since the Cupertino brand is the highest value (184 billion dollars) , followed by Mountain View ($ 141 billion).

But the highlight is that the ranking presents a Top 10 made up mostly of technological brands, only three of them manage to be cataloged in another category: Microsoft (79.9 billion dollars), Coca-Cola (69.7 billion dollars) , Amazon (64.7 billion dollars), Samsung (56.2 billion dollars), Toyota (50.2 billion dollars), Facebook (48.1 billion dollars), Mercedes-Benz (47.8 billion dollars), and IBM (46.8 billion dollars).

However, that marketing professionals are immersed in everything related to the technology industry does not guarantee that they implement it adequately in their strategies.

To achieve this, we must return to the bases, to Martech. It is the result of the union of the words marketing and technology, an activity in which virtually anyone involved with digital marketing knows.

This term applies especially to initiatives that use technological tools to achieve the goals proposed by the marketing area of any instance.

It is worthwhile for the strategist to concentrate on the Martech, since it is a guaranteed bet for companies, mainly because when applied correctly, the correct detection and analysis of contents can be achieved with a real-time response.

And not only that, it simplifies decision-making, it facilitates the development of related marketing and, therefore, the audience’s understanding of a product or service, allowing its promoters or detractors to be identified, something that is increasingly more complicated at present.

Hence, attention to Martech remains in growth and may be even more relevant in the coming years.

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