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Samsung buys camera startup that Apple had sued for patent infringement

Samsung has bought camera specialist Corephotonics. The takeover had last indicated. Thus, in the future, Samsung could deal with patent lawsuits that had once brought Corephotonics against Apple on the way. What has the acquisition of Corephotonics, a camera specialist from Israel, through Samsung with Apple’s iPhone to do? At…

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Why Google spent 40 million dollars on a mysterious technology

Yesterday, Google announced that it would invest 40 million dollars in the purchase of a part of Fossil’s research and development division that was responsible for working on the smartwatch, and which was developing a mysterious and interesting technology, the which we do not know the details to this day.…

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Oldenburg Startup: energy company goes live successfully

More customers pay less  Through Germany’s first crowdfunding portal, customers are joining forces to get the strongest offerings for services and products. “The power of the customer was underestimated for years,” says Christian Wagner. “But if you bundle and organize them in larger groups, you can communicate with providers…

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Martech: the guaranteed bet for companies

Revenues from the global marketing technology industry would generate $ 12.2 billion in revenues during 2018, according to Outsell calculations. The technology industry is so powerful that the Best Global Brands 2017, prepared by Interbrand, shows that the eternal rivalry between Apple and Google is again present, since the Cupertino…

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