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New business strategy of the Berlin based e-scooter startup

Only a few days is the final out of the fashion retailer Lesara ago, but the restless founder Roman Kirsch is already working on his next company. The well-known scene head plans to enter the competitive market with electronic scooters with a startup.

According to Kirsch he knows a lot about Lesara with cheap goods from China. How hard can it be to import cheap scooters from China and sell them? That is the question he asked himself.

As with Lesara, Kirsch does not focus on the typical hipster target group from Berlin-Mitte, but rather on the general public. He wants to stand out from the well-financed competition with Tier Mobility and Flash. Like Lesara, he plan to offer extremely cheap priced products, which appeals well to people and promises rapid growth. When asked about the Lesara bankruptcy, he does not want to comment. Just said  the connection is bad and hangs up.

Meanwhile, the first details of his company are already known. Also, the name is based on his previous startup. Under the name Lefahrer he wants to start once in Germany. The website is already registered. The name, a Franco-German word combination, should not deter him from global expansion. As Volkswagen has created a global brand with, the car, they have the same ambitions with Lefahrer.

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