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Obtain A Lot Of Different Information About A Particular Flight Using An API

Do you need a lot of different information about a particular flight? If so, you can use an API to obtain it!

When you’re trying to plan your vacation or get from point A to point B on time; having up-to-date information about your flight is critical. For example, if you’re flying out of an airport that has multiple airlines operating there; you’ll find a lot of different information about all the flights this airport offers. All this data can confuse you, when you are just searching for a particular flight.

What’s more, information about just one flight includes a lot of information in real-time; such as: departure and arrival times, flight numbers, gate numbers, and more. And, the more real-time data you have access to; the better informed you’ll be about any changes that may occur before or during your trip so you can make adjustments accordingly.

However, obtaining this kind of information manually can be difficult because it requires manually searching each airline’s and airport’s website individually. The process can be a hassle itself and will cause you to waste time; and you’ll be already busy traveling, so there is no point into add more problems. Luckily for you, there is a way to obtain the information you need within seconds and in one place.

Obtain Information About A Particular Flight With An API

An Application Programming Interface is essentially a software middleman between you and another company’s servers. It allows your application or website to “talk” to flight data servers directly, returning information within milliseconds.

Therefore, with an aviation data API, you can get current flight status updates for any particular flight anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for tracking international flights since they can be delayed or canceled at any time due to weather issues or mechanical problems with the aircraft. By having this information at your disposal, you’ll be able to change your plans on time without getting stuck at certain airport; or missing any flight.

There are many APIs for flight data, but not all of them offer the best services for anyone to use. For this reason, we want to recommend to you an API that has lately gained a lot of popularity: Flightlabs. This one is an API that delivers current and historical information about any flight from more than 13,000 airlines throughout the world.

What Kind Of Information Does This API Provide?

Flightlabs API allows access to flight data from over 250 countries, and severals reputable sources. The information it provides includes: arrivals, daily flights, landings, aviation taxes, historical flights, airline timetables and itineraries, status updates, and much more! Moreover, you can obtain this information for free and in less than 10 minutes, just follow as it goes:

  1. Create an account at Flightlabs. Afterwards you’ll be issued an API key that will be displayed on your dashboard.
  2. Use the API’s airport endpoint in conjunction with the search parameters (i.e. airport’s name, IATA code, or CIAO code)
  3. Click run to finish the call. Inmediatelly after, the API will appear on your screen. Also, you’ll be able to choose a programming language. And that’s it! Super easy!

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