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Obtain Day-to-Day Aluminum Rates in Russian for Free

Looking for the best precious metals api available? Read this article and get daily aluminum rates for free!

Obtain Day-to-Day Aluminum Rates in Russian for Free

Aluminum: Read and Get Informed

Aluminum is a very light silvery metal. Its atomic mass is 26.9815, it has a melting point of 660ºC and a boiling point of 2,467ºC, and a relative density of 2.7 kg/m3. It is a very electropositive and extremely reactive metal. In addition, it is extremely abundant in the composition of the earth’s crust, it is found in an approximate proportion of 15% and only silicon exceeds it.

But, without a doubt, the most remarkable feature of aluminum is its ability to be recycled over and over again. Contrary to what happens with other metals, 100% of the material can be reused.

The top ten aluminum-producing nations in the world are China, Russia, and India, with China, Russia, and India leading the way. Aluminum output is increasing in the worldwide market, indicating high demand from downstream industries like automotive, electrical applications, construction, and consumer goods.

Commercial prospects in the world’s leading aluminum-producing countries are projected to grow rapidly as long as the demand for aluminum in a variety of industries stays high. The true conflict in Ukraine, like other metals and commodities, may affect the price.

As a consequence, if you’re thinking about investing in this metal or linked areas, you need to stay up to date on market metal prices. If you like to be on the entrepreneur’s podium, you must keep an eye on its daily price.

To achieve this, we suggest you to try out the following API for free:


Metals-API gives quick access to data on metals and currencies. This software uses JSONP callbacks, a responding system that uses an accessible language to reply to your request and tell you whether the information you want is available or not. The answer will take up to an hour with a free subscription.

To send a request, you’ll need an API key to enter into the API base URL’s access key; this is how the metals-API API authenticates your key. It might look intricate, but it is not that hard.

Once you get the API key, you can request data in different world currencies and metal rates. alternatives, it can provide trusted data on prices of precious metals and 170 currencies worldwide. Moreover, there are ready almost twenty years of historical data for your request.

Obtain Day-to-Day Aluminum Rates in Russian for Free

Metals-API has a subscription service that offers a free account up to a premium plan. The last one has a thousand API calls to spend and only sixty seconds of returning time. You choose a plan for an entire year, being able to upgrade or downgrade it every month. It’s crucial to say that, without a subscription, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the API.

Finally, if you need a service for your enterprise, there’s an option with no limits on calls. You can obtain more information by starting a conversation on chat support here:


Metals-API vs. Kitco: Choose the Best One According to Your Needs –

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