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Obtain LBXPTAM rates In Troy Ounces with an API

Do you need reliable data on LBXPTAM with an API? Here, you’ll find an alternative with several world currencies available!

The LBMA company is a subsidiary entity of the London Metal Exchange. They work with precious metals and minor metals. Besides, they provide all kinds of metal industrial pricing news, such as sanctions on Russia due to the invasion or other notorious movements in the metals and world currencies market.

Platinum (XPT) belongs to the precious metals group and it has a greyish white colour. It’s usually in the same spots as other precious metals such as copper, nickel or gold. Regarding its composition, it isn’t a dangerous element as a metal, but its salts can provoke several damages to humans’ health like cancer and DNA alterations. However, it’s a necessary component in the production of fuel batteries, which replace the traditional internal combustion engines of vehicles. Finally, it’s also part of the creation of biodegradable products.

An API can establish a communication bond between your request and the LME’s application to acquire data more quickly than if you try to seek it yourself. Consequently, you can request LME platinum rates without getting on with the LBMA company.

Obtain LBXPTAM rates In Troy Ounces with an API

Obtain LBXPTAM rates with an API like Metals-API

Nowadays, the fastest tool we can use to get precious metals rates and world currencies data is an API. Among its features, there’s historical data from the last two decades, a convert endpoint to exchange a unique currency into another and fluctuating prices by pointing to two specific days.

Specifically, Metals-API operates a returning-data system called JSONP callbacks that makes the exchange quite understandable. It has a friendly language code of three letters to identify the metals o currencies you need data. After you send the request, the system will first give a true or false to you, which represents if the information is available or not. Then, you’ll get the rest of the report. In case of a negative answer, you’ll receive a code too, which indicates the type of problem. You can check the complete list of errors on their web page:

Obtain LBXPTAM rates In Troy Ounces with an API

The velocity of Metals-API

The speed of the answer doesn’t depend entirely on this software. It changes according to the subscription plan you have. On the menu, there is a free option and several paid accounts. The first one has a 50 API calls limit with an hour of updates. Supposing you want a paid plan, there are six types with many more requests. The cheaper has two hundred API calls and a sensible decrease in the waiting time: the return will only take 10 minutes.

We suggest you try it soon!

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