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Obtain Real-Time Copper Rates In Any Currency Using This Metals API

Every type of investment you want to make must have one thing: speed. This is especially true in the world of precious metals. While the civilian public has its sights on gold and silver, nevertheless copper deserves a place on that podium.

Despite not being as well known, copper has the same fluctuations as any type of metal. That’s why it’s especially important to stay on top of all your changes by the hour and minute.

There are different APIs that are directly aimed at gold and silver but ignore both copper and aluminum and other more unknown metals. In this same way, they also leave aside all the currencies. This is because they focus on dollars and euros.

One that relies on all metals and all currencies in the world is Metals-API. In addition to having results by the hour and minute, there is no currency that escapes the domain they have.

Key Features

  • API for real-timehistorical, and tick-by-tick periodicity
  • Real-time precious metals prices for Gold, Silver, Copper, Rhodium, Nickel, Palladium, Zinc, Ruthenium, and Platinum
  • Real-time metals price API for base metals and platinum group metals
  • Intraday and historical charts AP
  • Historical spot and future prices for Gold, Silver, Copper, Rhodium, Nickel, Palladium, Zinc, Ruthenium, and Platinum

Key Benefits

  • Access institutional quality real-time precious metal prices through an easy-to-use API using a trusted Gold and Silver pricing API used by hundreds of companies in the industry.
  • Easily include real-time Gold and other metals prices in your spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other business applications.
  • Reduce the time it takes for apps that rely on precious metal prices to reach the market.
  • Using cloud APIs, you may get rid of the aches and complexities of legacy feeds.

Metals APIDrupal Module and WordPress Plugin

Metals-API Drupal module has a lot of options for presenting both preferred and most current metal pricing. If you just want a daily snapshot of precious metal prices, this free license will suffice. 

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