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Obtain The IATA Codes Where Philippine Airlines Are Flying Using An API

In this article, we will see how you can obtain The IATA Code Of Philippine Airlines with the simple use of an API. If you want to be in touch with your favorite airline and understand all about easier ways for them to be identified. This is the article for you, we’ll have all of this and more covered!

Philippine  Airlines is the most famous airline in The Philippines. It is the flag carrier for the country. Hence, most philippine citizens have flown or at least heard of this amazing company. Like the rest of the airlines in the world, it has its own IATA Code. Right now, you are probably asking what this code is, I will now proceed to explain it to you.


The IATA code is a unique three-group letter that identifies airlines all around the globe. It is crucial for the well-being and organization of airports, airlines, and flights. This way, airlines can be tracked offering them safety and calmness. Of course, we are also deserving of those, this is why I recommend you to also obtain the IATA code of your main airlines such as Philippine Airlines by the use of IATA Codes APIS.

Obtain The IATA Codes Where Philippine Airlines Are Flying Using An  API

Now that we have concluded the importance of The IATA Code, and why we should all be able to obtain it. I recommend the use of APIs for this procedure, specifically Flighlabs. Flightlabs‘s free flight data API, powerful REST API that will provide everything you want to know about airlines, airports, and flight status.


Flightlabs will let you inform you about everything you want to know. Such as schedules, history of airports, live flight status, IATA codes, ICAO codes, and more. This API has a live feature, so you can always be updated no matter the change that is going through. Yes, you will be able to get the IATA Code of your interest, but you will also be receiving much more.

Consequently, you can rely on Flightlabs not only to be updated but to bring you calmness. After all, being in control of the changes that may come your way is great. Also, the fact that you can search and find any code you want through this API will simplify your search of airlines and flights while looking to book a destination.

Obtain The IATA Codes Where Philippine Airlines Are Flying Using An  API

Now you are ready to start improving all your searches, experiences, and investigations regarding your airport and airline experiences. With Flightlabs there’s no excuse. Be always aware of any update that in the past could have taken you by surprise. Right now, this shouldn’t happen anymore!

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