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Phishing Won’t Be A Threat Anymore With This IP Security API

Do you worry about being a victim of phishing? After this article, you won’t be afraid again with this specific IP security API we’ll describe below!

Chiefly, phishing attacks are social engineering attacks and can have a wide range of targets depending on the attacker. The most known way is the phishing directed toward a specific person. For example, those typically practised through email, the same way as spam messages. Thus, any action that helps reduce SPAM will also tend to reduce the phishing messages that your inbox receives. Although, the latter is the most recognizable way to spread malware, but there are more.

Nowadays, it’s possible to suffer from this threat through the search engine. That modality is also known as SEO poisoning or SEO Trojans. So hackers work to become the top result in a web search through search engines. By clicking on the link displayed in your search engine, it redirects you to the hacker’s website. From there, threat actors can steal your information when you interact with the site or provide sensitive data. Hacker sites can look like any website. And the principal candidates for these attacks are banks, money transfer sites, social networks and shopping sites.

Consequently, you’ll need to adopt measures to prevent your equipment and connections if you have an enterprise. Also, you can look for protection for your private accounts. Below, you’ll read about one that can help.

this IP security API

What’s new about this particular IP security API?

First of all, the speed to detect malware or other threats. Chiefly, that quick response is possible because of its AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technology. A tool like that can scan your network and devices in seconds. Then, it will cover your system immediately. Also, it will prevent you from IP addresses stealing. Better yet, it will warn you about dubious users to don’t suffer phishing.

Start with this IP security API today

Ipxapi created a technology that can do multiple functions only by processing an IP identity. In conjunction, you’ll be able to access a wealth of information, such as statistics on visits to your website. In the meantime, Ipxapi will continue to protect the devices and network of your business with the secure connection module. Moreover, that feature can recognize Tor users and proxies. Additionally, those capabilities guard against theft and unauthorized downloading of your relevant data. 

The best part is that you can be under the protection of this module with any of the subscriptions available. Even with the free account, you’ll be secure.

this IP security API

Does Ipxapi provide more services?

This company, through its API, can facilitate various aspects since you send the IP address you want to know about. Above all, ubiquity is the principal data. Since the GPS, it will deliver currency and time zone details from that same area. Most companies use this tool to know more about their regular and occasional customers. It helps shape advertising campaigns and more.

Even better, this API returns all the information collected in a structured way. This method of communication makes it so much easier to understand. It looks like a report.

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