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Prevent Fraud By Using An IP Geolocation API

Are you looking for a way to prevent online fraud using geo IP? We recommend using an API, the most effective tool for preventing online fraud.

There were 2.1 million fraud reports in 2020, indicating how many users were affected by this phenomenon. It is common for this to happen when users log into online accounts, visit non-official websites, or conduct financial transactions.

Using an API is the most accurate technology for obtaining a specific geographical position of any user who visits your website. The most comprehensive and accurate tool is an API, which will provide information in real-time about the city, nation, currency, and calling code, among other things. There are also details on security solutions such as a proxy, crawler, and tor.

Geolocation can be used for a variety of purposes. One of them is the prevention of online fraud, as many users have been victims of this type of cyber attack in recent years. You will be able to identify any suspect or intruder on your website using geolocation. You can find out by using an IP address, which is a numerical identifier for a computer network that communicates via the Internet Protocol. An IP address’s primary functions are network interface identification and location addressing.

Prevent Fraud By Using An IP Geolocation API

This level of security can help businesses detect and reject suspicious transactions and activity more confidently, as well as provide customers with a sense of security. This is definitely the best option to be safe and offer the same safety to your customers. 

The most powerful tool is the ipXapi database and API are distinguished by a collaboration of major ISPs that supply information about new and current IP ranges on a regular basis, resulting in high IP data accuracy. Furthermore, this data may assist you in categorizing and analyzing your visitors so that you can provide a better service or product.

Prevent Fraud By Using An IP Geolocation API

To use it, you must do the following:

  1. Sign up for an account at to obtain your API key.
  2. Enter the IP address from which you want to gather data.
  3. Send it out and see what kind of reaction you get.
  4. Save the API to your computer and use it whenever you need it.

Why ipXapi?

They provide a high level of accuracy in IP data because the ipXapi database and API are linked with a number of major ISPs who regularly provide information about new and current IP ranges. Because ipXapi is linked to several channels that provide real-time IP data, the API’s database is constantly updated, with up to 24 database changes per day. Furthermore, data coverage is growing by the day, with ipXapi now supporting over 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities around the world.

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