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Realistic Voices Online To Listen Books

In this article you can find some tips about how to find realistc voices online to listen a book.

Books are a classic tool in education. Both the youngest and the most advanced students in age. Book history may have its origin in ancient Mesopotamia. The oldest form of book, according to historians, consisted of those small tablets of clay, wood, ivory or other materials that were used as a support for writing.

Text-to-speech software presents the opportunity to bring static content such as books, PDFs, and other training documents to life. This technology is very beneficial when you need to convert long passages of text into playable audio. Instead of hiring a person to read hours, using a TTS will reduce costs.

For many people, books are companion content. The ones that make time go by faster. For example, if you are traveling by train, bus or plane and reading the tide you can use this tool and your trip will be much more entertaining without the need to read. You just have to make sure you have headphones with you.

How is it possible? is software that allows you to convert your written text to audio. The user can choose the type of voice, either male or female. Also the speed at which it speaks and offers a list of languages ​​from almost every country in the world. The voice has a remarkable quality. Since it closely resembles realism.

It can be used in countries like India, USA, Uk, Argentina, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Brazil, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, since Woord offers conversions in all those languages.

The advantage that Woord has over its competition is that the voices are generated automatically. 100% realistically. This is possible given artificial intelligence algorithms.

Woord is free software for Microsoft and Mac OS X. But you can also access the paid version of it which allows you to convert the amount you want from text to audios in a much wider list of languages. In turn, a library of exclusive voices is accessed.

Convert text to audio following the next steps below:

-To access it is very simple, you just have to enter

– A box will appear like the one shown in the image.

– Enter the text you want to convert to audio.

– Select the type of voice you want (female or male).

– Speed (user can indicate if want faster or slowler).

-Language (you can choose one from a large list).

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