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Review of best metal APIs

Are you thinking of investing in metals? Do you wish to keep track of metal prices using only API? Here we have three options for you!

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, the precious metals market is in a challenging circumstance. Its repercussions have an impact on all economies around the world. Uncertainty is the order of the day, and keeping track of data price fluctuations may be a headache. However, with the most recent rapid developments, it is feasible to keep monitor of these changes. Some systems can assist us in making better forecasts and decisions.

An API can speed up and simplify the delivery of the data you require. Today, an API might be the most accessible method for gaining a wide range of data. An API is used by any firm that intends to invest in precious metals, but it is critical to make the right decision. We’re going to try to make that road easier here. We’re going to go over three solid possibilities.

Three options for best metal APIs


This metal API is your top choice if you want software that is simple to use, has data from reliable sources, and react quickly to your requests. It also offers a generous subscription that includes 50 API calls and an hour of wait time.

Review of best metal APIs

The Metals-API API includes historical end-of-day exchange rates, which are available at 00:05 GMT for the previous day and one second before midnight. This API can deliver reliable exchange rate data for an extensive range of precious metals in 170 world currencies. Also, it works with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.


Review of best metal APIs

They make market content available through APIs hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Reputable companies such as FactSet and Xignite’s curated data are provided through their APIs.

If you’re experiencing difficulties using this API, there are a number of resources able to assist you. For companies, they offer three different support packages, where the standard pack has 12 hours of annual support and the premium support has unlimited hours per year and on phone support.


Review of best metal APIs

This historic gold and silver price firm appeared in 1968. Metal Spot Prices in USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, and 25 additional currencies are available via the API. It also gets prices in Troy ounces, grams and carats.

You can test this API for free. Also, they have two packages: the Sandbox Plan is a free program. It has up to 500/requests monthly. In a 2-second update interval, daily historical prices are also accessible. You can also choose the Unlimited Plan, which costs USD 49 per month and includes unlimited requests each month as well as daily historical pricing. Its customer support is available every day, without hour limits.

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