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Russian invasion: volatility on Ukrainian Nickel in real-time

Is it hard for you to stay updated on Ukrainian Nickel prices during the war? We have an API to help you!

Since February 24th, we have been living in a scenario that moves too fast with the beginning of the invasion. The whole situation was a complete surprise. Not a single country had a contingency plan to face the constant rise of prices in the raw materials area. This conflict triggered levels of inflation rarely seen around the world. The global economy is going through a critical volatility situation: banks and stock exchanges worldwide are more required than before.

Above all, if you’re in a rush to create an emergency plan for your company or need to relocate your investments, predictability becomes crucial. None expects this invasion to end soon, so we need to be ready for permanent volatility and more unforeseen circumstances.

Nowadays, we have on our side the best innovation tools to help in difficult times in organizing the situation. The instantaneity of our time should serve us to make safer steps. Although it’s hard to be entirely isolated from the conflict, it’s possible to plan to affect less your economy. A safe measure includes APIs, a communicative tool to get reliable information quickly.

Russian invasion: volatility on Ukrainian Nickel in real-time

An API to get Ukrainian Nickel prices such as Metals-API

To be clear, we recommend this API because we consider that critical times require unstressful solutions. Metals-API is a lightweight communication circuit that features daily information on precious metals and currencies from more than a hundred countries. It collects prices from banks and stock exchanges, more than ten of them, to deliver fast and accurate answers.

Despite its simplicity, Metals-API‘s storage contains historical data rates from the last two decades by sending the exact date you need to ask. Another feature includes information from two specific dates in the past. At the moment, you can solicit the current data on Ukrainian Nickel or any other metal. Also, it’s available the option to covert singular currency into another.

Russian invasion: volatility on Ukrainian Nickel in real-time

Choose a plan to get Ukrainian Nickel with Metals-API

In this journey of getting updated prices to elaborate a strategy, it’s necessary to pick up a plan. The multiple offers include a free account and many paid packages as well. Between the alternatives, the minutes to get a returning call from the API and the number of API calls increase. The fastest plan, the Premium, only takes sixty seconds to answer. Also, there’s an Enterprise pack with unlimited calls for your consideration.

Any plan with Metals-API includes security measures

With this company, your requests are private. The passwords, IP numbers and locations are encrypted next to the personal data that this API needs to work.

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